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Summer Camps

Summer 2019 Camps and Courses


Multi-ActivitySuperCamps summer holiday

4-12 year olds

The Early Years Programme, just for 4 to 5 year olds, ensures learning and development within a fun environment. The 6 to 9-year-old crews can explore new activities and take on new challenges such as The Avengers School of Archery, Super Camps Driving School and Motor Mania. Our 10 to 12 year olds can come together in their very own common room as well as spend more time tackling activities in depth. There will also be a LEGO® best build competition each week, where our campers have a chance to win a special LEGO® prize!

Bushcraft: Rainforest Survival

8-14 year olds

This 5-day course will see young adventurers being deployed at one of our Bushcraft Mission Headquarters, to learn a variety of bushcraft survival techniques, before tackling The Mission at the end of the week.

Cookery: International Cuisine

8-14 year olds

This 5-day course gives children the chance to cook exciting mix of sweet and savoury dishes that will test and develop their culinary skills and enable them to impress their friends and family with some delicious take-home treats! 

LEGO® Play

6-12 year olds 

This 5-day course is for all mini LEGO® enthusiasts and will connect the love of the brick, to the world around them with different themes each day. So for example, on vehicles day, the kids will understand how vehicles are constructed, create their own LEGO® vehicle and then go outdoors for a race!



Multi-Activity Camps

Ages 4 - 5

SuperCamps ensures all aspects of the Ofsted Early Years Foundation Stage are covered on camp. Typical activities for Early Years groups include Messy Play, Sports, Games and Art.

Ages 6 - 9

Children aged 6-9 years will acquire new skills through fun activities that promote creativity, learning and social interaction. Fitness is also improved with daily sports and exercise.

Ages 10 - 12

10-12 year-olds can enjoy a range of Games, Challenges and Arts & Crafts that stimulate all abilities. Fitness will also be improved through exercise and sport.

Specialist Courses

Football Camps

Ages 6 - 12

ALL NEW FOR 2019, this 5-day course invites all football fanatics to take a shot at our multi-dimensional soccer camps in association with Chelsea FC Foundation.

LEGO® Play

Ages 6 - 12

This 5-day course is a must for all mini LEGO® enthusiasts, combining imagination and their love of bricks to create a massive variety of models.


Ages 8 - 14

This 5-day course gives all budding chef’s an opportunity to cook their way around the world! Children can put their culinary skills to the test, through exploring a number of traditional recipes!


Ages 8 - 14

This 5-day course will see young adventurers learning how to survive in the rainforest, tackling various team challenges whilst creating their own tribe areas and shelters.

Mad Science

Ages 6 - 12

Children aged 6-12 will be able to explore Shocking Circuits, go on a Space Adventure and make discoveries through Fire and Ice on our 3-day Specialist Course.