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Activities at SuperCamps

At SuperCamps, we specialise in keeping kids active and engaged all day long with a diverse range of exciting activities. We understand that school holidays should be packed with fun experiences, and that's why we carefully curate our selection of activities to ensure every child has a blast.

Our Multi-Activity camps are bursting with variety, offering everything from arts and crafts to sports and team games. Whether your child loves getting creative with crafts or enjoys the thrill of team challenges, there's something here to spark excitement and create lasting memories.

Join us for an action-packed holiday where the fun never stops!

Arts and Crafts

Explore a vast array of arts and crafts activities at our camp, designed to ignite creativity and catered specifically to each age group. Our craft sessions offer children the chance to unleash their imagination, experiment with different materials, and craft their own masterpieces in a supportive and inspiring environment.

We tailor our activities to each age group to ensure that every child can explore new mediums and techniques while having fun and expressing themselves creatively. 

  1. Encourages creativity
  2. Develops fine motor skills
  3. Boosts self-esteem
  4. Enhances problem-solving skills
  5. Promotes emotional expression

Sports and team games

Discover a wide range of sports activities at our camp designed to keep children active and entertained throughout the holidays. Whether they're sprinting across the dodgeball court or enjoying some pool time*, kids stay on the move while having a blast.

*Swimming is subject to availability.

At our camps, we believe in the power of play to promote fitness, teamwork, and overall well-being.

  1. Promotes physical health
  2. Enhances mental wellbeing
  3. Develops social skills
  4. Boosts cognitive function
  5. Encourages healthy habits for life

Other activities

Explore a variety of thrilling activities that make every camp day extraordinary! In addition to our core offerings, we have a range of special activities designed to add excitement and fun to the camp experience: Zorbs, Archery Tag and Kit Camp.

But wait, there's more! Our camp venues also feature travelling attractions including:

  • Giant inflatables: Bounce, slide and explore massive inflatable structures. 
  • Laser Tag: Gear up got tactical laser tag battles that enhance teamwork and strategy.
  • Electric Quads: Experience the thrill of electric quad biking designed just for kids.