Theme of the week

Our Multi-Activity camps run at over 40 school venues across Easter, Summer and Half-Term holidays. We love to see how children progress each year, as they move from Early Years through to our older age groups. 

Our Theme of the Week is one of the ways that we ensure kids' on-camp experiences are always as exciting as their first. See below the new activities and challenges for each of our themes:

Time Travellers
17th-21st February 2020
Spy Adventure
30th March-17th April 2020
Once Upon a Time
25th-29th May 2020
Green Week
6th-17th July 2020
Around the World
20th-31st July 2020
Under the Sea
3rd-14th August
Intergalactic Galaxy
17th-28th August 2020
Creation and Innovation
18th-22nd February 2019
Animal Planet
1st-12th April 2019
Everyday Superheroes
15th-19th April 2019
A Leap Back in Time
28th-31st May 2019
8th-12th July 2019, 27th-30th August 2019
Out of this World
15th-19th July 2019, 19th-23rd August 2019
Around the World in 5 Days
22nd-26th July 2019
Green Week
29th July-2nd August 2019
Code Breakers
5th–9th August 2019
Beach Party
12th-16th August 2019
The Greatest Show
21st October-1st September 2019
Winter Olympics
16th-21st December 2019