Multi-Activity Camps

Ages 3*-12

We have designed our Multi-Activity camps to keep kids active and engaged during the school holidays. We tailor all our activities to each age group. *Ages 3 can only attend selected venues, view venue list for details.

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About our multi-activity camps

Welcome to our Multi-Activity camps, where fun and excitement await children during their school holidays! Designed to provide a dynamic and engaging environment, our camps offer a diverse range of activities including sports, team games, arts and crafts, and outdoor exploration, catering to every child's interests. Beyond the enjoyment, our camps foster learning, confidence building, and friendship development. Rest assured, all our camps are Ofsted-Registered, guaranteeing the highest standards of care. We accept childcare vouchers and offer tax-free childcare options. Our dedicated staff are not only passionate but also trustworthy, ensuring a safe and enriching experience for all on camp.

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Multi-Activity Camps

Ages 4* - 5

Activities serve as valuable learning opportunities for younger children, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and social skills, guaranteeing fun each day.

Ages 6 - 7

Our camps are tailored to engage all abilities, with careful planning and expertise, we ensure each camp day is a thrilling and educational journey.

Ages 8 - 12

Children are encouraged to think critically through problem-solving tasks and game creation, as well as participate in sports in a positive, supportive environment.


Wear and bring…

  • Comfy clothes for an active day, including practical shoes (i.e. trainers) and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • An apron or shirt for creative activities.
  • Swimming costume and towel.*
  • For sunny weather: 
    • sun hat, suitable clothes and sun cream (ensure the latter is applied prior to arrival – we will then advise/assist your child in reapplying throughout the day unless you advise us otherwise).
  • Warm comfortable clothes including a jacket/coat and jumper for cool weather.
  • During our Summer season, Friday is "Friday Finale" day, where children participate in water-based activities (weather permitting) for an optional £1 donation to our current charity partner, Scope.

*swimming takes place where venue facilities allow.


Food and Drink

  • Healthy and balanced packed lunch, plus additional snacks for break times/extended hours.
  • Refillable drinks bottle (all children will be advised to keep this filled throughout the day).
  • Please provide ice packs during hot weather as we are unable to provide refrigeration facilities.
  • We kindly ask parents not to pack nuts into their child's lunch due to allergies. 

Do not bring…

  • Money.
  • Mobile phones or any other electronic equipment.
    All non-approved electrical devices are prohibited on camp. If found, children will be asked to place the device in the Camp Manager box, which will be locked and secured at all times. Parents/Guardians are required to contact the Camp Manager if they wish to speak with their child during camp.
  • Other valuables.

SuperCamps cannot be held responsible nor can they compensate if items get damaged or go missing.

From the minute our doors open until the very last child is picked up, every day at SuperCamps is filled to the brim with action, adventure and fun. From the energetic to the creative, from the classics to the unusual, your child can expect to take part in around six engaging activities each day. Our philosophy when it comes to activities is to ensure every session is bursting with energy and fun. We also want children to try things they wouldn’t normally get to do, learn some new skills in the process and go home tired and happy after each day. You will also be able to see what your child is doing by viewing the timetable at the registration area when you sign your child in on camp.

Can children choose their activities?
Early Years Children follow a structured timetable based on staff and parent feedback and created in line with the areas of learning outlined in Ofsted's EYFS.

Children aged 6+ years, follow a semi-structed schedule, which allows for periods in which the group can collectively decide on a chosen activity. 

With new themes each season and a different timetable every day, children's on-camp experiences are always unique.

Highlight activities at no extra cost...
Much-loved highlight activities such as Pedal-Karts(8+), Swimming(4+) and Archery-Tag™(8+) are periodically available at selected venues at no extra charge.

Free-choice activities run during the extended hours.

Each season we have different Themes of the Week so children can always enjoy new activities on camp. In addition to arts & crafts, sports and games, there are also Festival Activities which will visit camp on selected days during our Summer season.  

Our Festival Activities visit different venues each day, allowing as many children as possible to have a surprise experience! Please note our Festival Activities are a free additional extra to our Multi-Activity Camps schedules, they are not timetabled to be part of our specialist courses.

Due to the nature of these activities they are all subject to availability and we are unable to outline the expected dates for these activities at each venue. In addition, differing facilities and access across our venues, means we are unable to offer all of our festival activities at some of our venues.

For Health & Safety reasons, some of our festival activities are age restricted. Children aged 4-12 will be able to take part in our Giant Inflatable Obstacle courses and Kit Camp. SuperCamps TV will be available to children aged 6-12. Laser Tag, Archery Tag and Zorb Bump and Bounce are for children aged 8-12.

Please be aware, that if there are high winds or poor weather conditions the Giant Inflatable Obstacle Courses are subject to cancellation.

Every child is unique and we recognise that some children prefer art and other creative activities. In order to ensure that all children are active throughout the day, we incorporate a variety of active and fun games that emphasize play and imagination. As such, many children forget that they're doing sport and enjoy these sessions. 

SuperCamps requests that parents be punctual in dropping off and collecting children. We also request that parents inform Head Office/Camp Manager when a child will be absent due to illness and other unforeseen circumstances. If no prior notice is given, the Camp Manager will attempt to contact parents in the case of absence.

  • Parents are asked to tell Head Office/Camp Manager if their child is going to be absent and ask them to provide a reason i.e. they are sick.
  • We ask parents to contact at the beginning of the day.
  • Parents can ring or text the camp manager or call head office to inform us if their child is not attending.
  • If a child doesn’t attend the camp for their sessions, the camp manager or head office would be responsible for contacting the parent to find out the reason why.
  • We would speak to the parent personally.
  • If there is no reply and the child does not come to the camp, we would refer to our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy as the welfare of the child is a priority.

If for any reason your child is unable to attend camp, please contact either your camp manager or Head Office to report the absence. To ensure infection or illness is not brought on to camp, we ask that children please stay at home for the full duration of their illness, and for 48 hours after their last symptom occurs.

We offer the option of adding Illness Protecting to your booking, meaning you can claim back any missed days due to illness as a credit on your account. To make a claim, please fill out our IPS Form.

For Multi-Activity, we divide the whole camp into crews containing similar-aged children each week. This ensures we can run great activities and team games with children of similar ages and interests and they can make loads of new friends.

How many children are in each crew?

On Multi-Activity, our ratios are 1:8 for children aged 3, 2:16 for ages 4-5, 1:15 for ages 6-7 and 1:16 for ages 8 and over.

The ages in each crew will depend on the age distribution across the whole camp which can change from venue to venue and from week to week. Sometimes we might have a dedicated crew for each age and sometimes we will group different ages together, it does depend on how many children we have on camp on each day. Please note that we put the children in groups based on dates of birth, not school years.

For Rise Cookery courses we aim for maximum ratios of 1:10 across all age brackets.

LEGO® Play we aim for ratios of 1:10 across all age brackets.

Chelsea Foundation we aim for ratios of 1:12 across all age brackets.

Mad Science we aim for ratios of 1:14 across all age brackets.

Take The Stage we aim for ratios of 1:10 across all age brackets.

Bushcraft we aim for ratios of 1:10 across all age brackets.

The camp experience is all about making new friends, getting to know other children and trying out new experiences all with the support of our superb SuperCamps staff. If you have a grouping request, we ask that you email our Customer Service team at least 10 working days before the first day of your child's camp at We will endeavour to meet these requests as best as possible, however due to the high volume of bookings at some of our venues this may not always be possible even if your request is submitted within the given timeframe. Please ensure you provide us with your child’s name and the camp they will be attending.

As we group children together by age, children of the same age are likely to be in the same group. Although there is no guarantee that friends - or siblings - can always be placed together, especially if they differ greatly in age. Please be aware that we put the children in groups based on dates of birth, not school years. 4 and 5 year olds cannot be moved up an age group due to being on the Ofsted Early Years Register.

Food is not provided on camp, so we ask that you please send your child to camp with a packed lunch, as welll as two additional snacks. We encourage parents to prepared a well-balanced lunch packed with the nutrients needed to keep your child happy, healthy and energised for an active day on camp. 

We operate on a strict no-nut policy at SuperCamps to protect children with allergies. 

For further guidance on what to pack, visit out blog for some super lunch box ideas.

Children have an hour for lunch: the first 30 minutes is spent eating with friends and instructors, and then there’s another 30 minutes to run around, play games, or chill out. We also have two 20-minute breaks – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – during which the children can enjoy their snacks. Lunch and breaks are fully supervised and children are encouraged to eat all of their lunch.

At the start of each week children are assigned to a Colour Point Team to help boost morale and comradery amongst the different crews and age groups. Then throughout the week points are awarded by instructors to celebrate and reward team spirit, positive contribution, good sportsmanship, helpfulness and much more!

To end the week with a bang, all crews will participate in a series of similar activities to give their Colour Point totals one final boost before the weekend. Our younger children on camp, do their very own Friday Challenge suited to their age.

During the day children have two 20 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break, during this time children are encouraged to sit down and recharge. In addition if children feel tired during an activity, staff can incorporate additional breaks and/or quieter side line activities. Younger children have two sessions a day (Golden Time & Time for me) where they can enjoy a quieter time in their base room with their Instructor.

After 6pm, late pick-up fees are charged at £20 for every 15 minutes to cover the additional staffing cost.  If you think you might be late to collect your child, please let your camp manager or Head Office know as soon as possible.

Parents are not permitted to stay on camp during the day due to stringent safeguarding policies; all adults on camp must undergo background checks and an enhanced DBS.

We want parents to be able to be a part of their child’s on-camp experience however, so a timetable of the day’s activities is available to view at registration and your camp manager is contactable throughout the day. There’s also the possibility that our SuperCamps photographer will visit your camp. To ensure you don’t miss out on photos from the day, please complete a consent form at registration. 

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