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SuperCamps is an Ofsted-registered childcare provider of Half-Term, Easter and Summer activity camps in the UK for kids aged 4- 14 years. Running at over 40 locations from Dorset to North Yorkshire, our camps are an excellent choice for school holiday childcare across England. 

Multi-Activity camps make a great flexible childcare option, bookable as individual days or a week at a time and with extended hours options to help with early drop-off or late pick-up.

Our camps offer an abundance of engaging school holiday activities such as sports, outdoor exploration, arts & crafts and team games for kids aged 4-5 years, 6-9 years and 10-12 years

Our range of Specialist Courses (see below) offer children the chance to learn new skills and also gain confidence in their chosen area of interest. Courses run across several days, with schedules that explore themed techniques or ideas, helping children grasp content quickly and understand it in a useful context.

To find your nearest school holiday camp, simply enter your postcode or town in the search box above or choose your camp by county and book online today!

At SuperCamps, we feel that our Multi-Activity camp and Specialist Courses are more than holiday clubs; they complement term-time education by acting as a medium for child-led learning. 

By sorting children into age groups, we tailor activities to meet their developmental needs. This is particularly important for younger children, as we cover all areas of learning for the Ofsted Early Years Foundation Stage. For older children, this means that activities are complex enough to challenge and stimulate all abilities.

The wide range of activities we offer presents many benefits for children. Sports enhance Coordination, Balance, Team Work and Endurance; arts & crafts improve Fine Motor Control and Creativity; while informative workshops such as ZooLab offer new knowledge and interactive learning.

All SuperCamps locations operate in line with Ofsted criteria, with many camps recognised as Outstanding and all camps achieving a Good rating.  In addition to the educational standards met, we ensure that our staff provide excellent care.

SuperCamps staff are recruited based on three criteria: experience, qualifications and attitude. Many staff are already teachers at our venues, so they bring with them familiarity and a wealth of knowledge. 

Thanks to additional training provided by SuperCamps and the excellent attitude of all successful candidates, we can ensure that all children are in safe (informed and friendly) hands during their time on camp.

Multi-Activity camps are a great way for all kids to try new activities and gain skills.

We also offer a selection of Specialist Courses to ensure that children with a keen interest can fully benefit from their time with us.

Our Multi-Activity camps can be booked by the day or week. This means that SuperCamps is able to offer flexible childcare, so children can try a day before committing to a full week. 

Most Specialist Courses run at the same venues as Multi-Activity camps, so the two can be booked together. 

Our wraparound care service is useful for those with limited availability, as kids can arrive at and be picked up from venues before or after camp hours. 

Search individual venues to see what hours are offered near you. 

Multi-Activity Camps

Ages 4 - 5

SuperCamps ensures all aspects of the Ofsted Early Years Foundation Stage are covered on camp. Typical activities for Early Years groups include Messy Play, Sports, Games and Art.

Ages 6 - 9

Children aged 6-9 years will acquire new skills through fun activities that promote creativity, learning and social interaction. Fitness is also improved with daily sports and exercise.

Ages 10 - 12

10-12 year-olds can enjoy a range of Games, Challenges and Arts & Crafts that stimulate all abilities. Fitness will also be improved through exercise and sport.

Specialist Courses

Chelsea FC Foundation Camps

Ages 6 - 12

Our 5-day football camps invite children to take their best shot at football-focused seminars, workshops, on-pitch training and match play.

LEGO® Play

Ages 6 - 12

This 5-day course is a must for LEGO® enthusiasts; combining imagination and a love of bricks to create many different builds.

Paul Delgado Tennis Camps

Ages 6 - 12

Our 5-day tennis course in association with Paul Delgado Tennis Camps will allow children to develop their skills through high-level coaching.


Ages 6 - 14

This 5-day course allows young adventurers to tackle various team challenges, whilst creating their own tribe areas and shelters.


Ages 8 - 14

Budding chefs cook their way around the world on this 5-day course. Children can put their culinary skills to the test, through exploring a number of traditional recipes.

Mad Science®

Ages 6 - 12

Kids explore Anatomy & Health, uncover energy with Environmental Science and solve mysteries in the Mad Science® Detective Agency on our 3-day Specialist Course.