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Meet the SuperStaff at SuperCamps
15 October 2021
Your children are your everything, so it can be especially scary to leave them with childcare providers at times
Building upon good ideas at SuperCamps
03 September 2021
Building Lego
LEGO® bricks are a great toy for kids to use to experiment and put their imagination into real life, but what are the other benefits of it?
What makes SuperCamps super special?
03 September 2021
Now that everything is back open again, the options you have to keep your child entertained this summer are limitless.
Help Your Child Get Creative at Home
09 November 2020
Kids doing creative activities such as painting, drawing at home
At this particularly tricky time, children have got a whole host of new emotions going on in their heads, which can be difficult for younger minds to process. Having the opportunity to let go and get creative is a really fun way for them to express these thoughts and gives you the insight to be able to address and comfort their concerns.
Putting Child Well-Being First
24 September 2020
Boy painting indoors activity
At SuperCamps, we firmly believe that getting children back together after such a long time is vitally important for their confidence, happiness, and development.
October Camps Are Back - How We Will Be Keeping Our SuperCamps Community Safe
24 August 2020
We're Back SuperCamps October Costume
As our October Half-Term Camps go on sale this week, we outline some of the ways in which we will be keeping our SuperCamps community safe on our return to operating camps again.