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5 Simple Exercises for Kids to do From Home
13 May 2020
Keeping active is one of the most important parts of the day for all children. Take a look at 5 fun suggestions for introducing exercise to our daily routines from home.
A Parents Guide to Homeschooling
06 May 2020
How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Garden for Kids
29 April 2020
Encourage children to look after the hedgehogs, birds, bees and butterflies in your area by using SuperCamps fun and easy tips for cultivating a wildlife friendly garden.
Looking after Little Minds: Activities to Boost Wellbeing from Home
22 April 2020
Having bundles of energy, wild imagination and an overload of emotions can be overwhelming for little minds. Here are SuperCamps ideas for introducing mindfulness to our kids' daily routines.
Our Pick of Free Virtual Tours and Online Learning Resources for Kids
15 April 2020
Find yourself transported to other countries and entirely new worlds all within the safety of your home with SuperCamps’ pick of free online resources for children aged 4-14.
Daily Journaling Ideas for Kids
07 April 2020
Discover SuperCamps top tips for children's daily journaling and download our exclusive daily activity journal.