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Help Your Child Get Creative at Home
09 November 2020
Kids doing creative activities such as painting, drawing at home
At this particularly tricky time, children have got a whole host of new emotions going on in their heads, which can be difficult for younger minds to process. Having the opportunity to let go and get creative is a really fun way for them to express these thoughts and gives you the insight to be able to address and comfort their concerns.
Putting Child Well-Being First
24 September 2020
Boy painting indoors activity
At SuperCamps, we firmly believe that getting children back together after such a long time is vitally important for their confidence, happiness, and development.
October Camps Are Back - How We Will Be Keeping Our SuperCamps Community Safe
24 August 2020
We're Back SuperCamps October Costume
As our October Half-Term Camps go on sale this week, we outline some of the ways in which we will be keeping our SuperCamps community safe on our return to operating camps again.
What Makes SuperCamps Staff Exceptional?
31 July 2020
There is a reason why SuperCamps is one of the leading childcare providers in the UK, and that has a massive amount to do with the staff we are fortunate enough to work with. Here are a few reasons why we employ the best staff in our field, and what they have to say about working for SuperCamps and why it’s so important to them.
Did you know we accept Tax-Free Childcare as full or part-payment?
15 July 2020
Although we still accept the traditional form of Childcare Vouchers to cover childcare costs. Parents and carers are beginning to move across to Tax-Free payments. Our Customer Service team leader, Molly, explains everything you should know about tax-free childcare.
How Does SuperCamps Develop Your Child?
17 June 2020
Our operations manager, Kirsty, explores and explains how we help children to grow, develop and learn whilst attending our camps.