Ofsted Inspection Reports

All SuperCamps venues are Ofsted registered, meaning that they comply with all Safeguarding and Welfare requirements; including Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development and Leadership and Management. SuperCamps are no longer required to meet the Learning & Development requirements, however as part of our Early Years activities we strive to continue children’s Learning and Development journey whilst on camp with us.

In our sector, we are no longer subject to the same grading requirements as Schools & Nurseries. Our venues are now graded as ‘MET’ or ‘NOT MET’, demonstrating our level of compliance with AnnexA. of the inspection framework.

All of our Multi-Activity camps are on the Early Years Register for 4-5 year olds and the Voluntary & Compulsory Register for children aged 5+ years. Specialist Courses are also on the Voluntary & Compulsory Registers.

Please see below for some of our recent reports, or click here to view more of our ratings.


Akeley Wood Junior School, Easter 2024

"Children speak very highly of their time at the club. They explain they enjoy meeting new people and making friends. Children talk about the range of activities offered and how they know staff listen to them. Children describe their time at the club as awesome, enjoyable and exciting."


The Abbey School, Easter 2024

"Parents and children are welcomed by friendly staff as they arrive for their day at this camp. Children excitedly check the activity board to see what activities they will be taking part in.

All children, even the youngest, understand what is expected of them and behave exceptionally well." 


The Beacon School, February 2024

"Children's voices are heard and respected. For example, children are regularly asked about what activities they have enjoyed at the club. The manager uses the children's responses to shape the activities provided. This helps children feel they are listened to and valued."


Abingdon School, October 2023

"The staff are welcoming and caring and this supports children to feel happy and settled in the camp. 

Staff plan and prepare a range of exciting activities. These reflect the needs and interests of the children and particularly promote children's social skills and confidence."


High March School, Summer 2023

"Children feel very happy and safe at this warm and friendly holiday club. Children know the club staff well and happily play with their friends throughout their day. Staff are deployed well and consistently support children to engage in their play."


Godolphin School, Easter 2023

"The management and staff have an excellent knowledge of the children in their care. They establish very close bonds with them from the start. 

Children confidently make independent choices about what they would like to play with. As a result, children remain engaged and curious in their play." 


Talbot Heath School, Easter 2023

"Children are excited as they enter the camp to begin their day, as they know it will be packed full of fun and enjoyable activities which skilful staff have planned for them.

Children keenly participate in the varied indoor and outdoor activity programme. They form new friendships and build good relationships with the staff, who are supportive and kind." 


Northwood College for Girls, Easter 2023

"Children are safe and happy at this well-run club. Staff are warm and caring. Children describe them as 'very kind'. They form good relationships with staff and confidently turn to them for help, if needed.

Staff supervise children carefully as they move around the premises. They are skilled at helping children to understand how to keep themselves, and others, safe."


Prince's Garden Preparatory School, Easter 2023

"Staff support children by making sure that they feel settled. For example, staff personalise the environment for children. Children feel valued and happy to be a part of the holiday club community.

Children get involved in games that encourage them to move in different ways. This helps children to build skills to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle."


Charterhouse, February 2023

"Children build respectful connections with staff and readily join in with children who are new to them. They talk politely to their peers and soon get to know each other.

Staff take account of children's individual personalities and what makes them unique to plan activities that they are interested in."


Putney High School, October 2022

“Behaviour management is a key strength. Staff make excellent use of house colour points, which are rewarded for kind behaviour, helping others and respecting their peers, among others. This helps to teach children the impact of their own behaviour on others. Children behave exceptionally well.”


Bromley High School, Summer 2022

"Children have a lot of fun at the many activities available, including opportunities for self-directed learning. Leaders make excellent use of all the amenities available to engage children in a range of experiences both indoors and outdoors."


Kensington Preparatory School, Summer 2022

“Children really enjoy communicating with the staff and their peers as they participate in a variety of activities. Children are cared for by a staff team who enjoy the job they do."


Brighton Girls, Easter 2022

"Staff support children’s healthy lifestyles well. Children are physically active throughout the day. Children delight in outdoor activities and they benefit from fresh air and exercise. Children learn teamwork through exciting ball games and follow instructions carefully."

When making your booking using childcare vouchers, your childcare voucher provider may require an Ofsted reference number in order to arrange payment to SuperCamps. The unique Ofsted registration number for each of our camps can be found on our venue pages. Search here to find your desired venue. More information on paying with childcare vouchers can also be found here.

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