Our Staff

Training and Requirements

At SuperCamps, children are cared for by enthusiastic and experienced staff, all of whom have been carefully selected based on their experience, qualifications, character and attitude. All our staff undergo an enhanced DBS clearance and reference checks, as well as receiving comprehensive in-house training to ensure they deliver SuperCamps’ high standards. We encourage staff to return for future seasons, offering their valuable experience as well as a familiar face to returning children.

Staff Structure

Along with our Activity Leaders, each venue has a Camp Manager who will be contactable throughout the day if you need to change your pick-up plans or if you want to check that your child has settled in. There will always be at least one qualified first-aider at each venue.

Our camp staff are supported by Regional Managers, who provide additional support and guidance should the need arise, and our Operations and Safeguarding teams provide logistical and specialist support from head office. Read more about our safeguarding and best practice.

Meet Our Regional Managers

Elisha, 2018 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a Primary School Teacher! My first camp was Putney High School. Why SuperCamps? Every season is a different season where you meet so many unique people who can offer something different to SuperCamps and always learning from each other. It's always such a supportive network from Head Office and Camp teams who get your through the good and bad."

Emily, 2021 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a PE teacher & Pastoral Leader & HOY in a Secondary school. My first camp was Oxford High! Why SuperCamps? Why not! It's great fun, I get to work with new staff every season and the kids just love it! I've never worked for a company that cares so much about their staff, progression and development opportunities and the service we offer at the same time."

Peter, 2015 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a Teacher. My first camp was St Dunstans College (sadly not one of our sites anymore). Why SuperCamps? Why not Supercamps?! The name says it all and this is what we strive for at each site every day. Every camp is different and camp managers make it their own, thus each one becomes special and unique. The activities provided are endless and the children always seem happy and engaged."

Lizzie, 2012 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a PE teacher. My first camp was Heathfields Girls School. Why SuperCamps? Every day is different and exciting. I still can’t believe that I get paid to have fun and meet the most amazing staff, some of which have become friends for life."

Sam, 2020 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am an Assistant Head. My first camp was Duncombe School. Why SuperCamps? Because I love the variety of working with a range of children and adults in beautiful locations, providing an exciting range of activities where no two days are ever the same."

Tom, 2021 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a Primary School Teacher. My first camp was Putney High school. Why SuperCamps? At SuperCamps, every day is an adventure. I love the variety and vibrancy of activities we provide, which keeps me as engaged and excited as the kids."

David, 2009 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am an Advisor for Primary Education. My first camp was Edgbaston High in Birmingham. Why SuperCamps? SuperCamps is constantly evolving and expanding into new and exciting things. The activities change to match the theme of the week ensuring that each day is new and exciting."

Matt, 2017 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a PE Teacher. My first camp was Latymer Upper. Why SuperCamps? Working at SuperCamps is infectious! The buzz on camp is unparalleled and it is so much fun being part of the camp team. Now, as Regional Manager, I get to visit multiple camps and experience everything they have to offer, as well as sharing the best ideas with other camps."

Natalie, 2021 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps, I am in the Entertainment and Arts industry. Before that, I was a Geography teacher! My first camp was Homefield Preparatory School. Why SuperCamps? There are lots of fun activities to do at SuperCamps and camp is such a special place where children can meet and make lifelong friends. I wish SuperCamps existed when I was young!"

Meg, 2019 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a Primary School Teacher. My first camp was Godolphin School. Why SuperCamps? Camp life is SUPER FUN for all, Leaders and Children. A game of Capture the Flag makes everyone smile!"

Jess, 2014 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a Primary School Teacher. My first camp was Sutton Valance Prep School (no longer one of our sites but it was fabulous!). Why SuperCamps? I love all the activities, especially the roaming activities, & specialist courses that we run for our children. We train our staff to a high standard, there is great support in the company, no matter what level you are at, and there are opportunities for progression throughout the company. Quite simply, it’s Super."

Jack, 2012 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I work as a primary school teacher. My first camp was Radley College, in which I worked as an active instructor. Why SuperCamps? At SuperCamps, we put the children and staff first - something I have seen first hand both within an on camp position, and as a part of head office."

Hollie, 2016 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a secondary school teacher. My first camp was St Nicholas Prep (now known as Brighton College Kensington Prep). Why SuperCamps? SuperCamps is a destination of fun, laughter and family. Everyday is filled with exciting activities; promoting physical activity, producing excellent art work and making friends for a lifetime! It’s the place to be!"

Corrina, 2020 - Now

"Outside of SuperCamps I am a primary school teacher and Sunday school leader at church. My first camp was Griffin House, but then I moved to The Beacon which became my home for years. Why SuperCamps? I love the teamwork among the staff and the SUPER activities and specialist courses that we offer."

Cliona, 2021 - Now

"Outside of Supercamps I am a primary school teacher. My first camp was Griffin House, before moving over to High March School. Why SuperCamps? The atmosphere on camp is amazing, no two days are the same! The support offered at SuperCamps is exceptional, ensuring each staff member feels valued and always supported. I am very grateful for the opportunities that SuperCamps have offered me and it has allowed me to meet the most incredible people."

Morgan, 2021 - Now

Outside of Supercamps I work part time as a mental health support worker, and I am a full time student studying my masters in clinical psychology. My first camp was Talbot Heath. Why SuperCamps? I love working with such an amazing and supportive team where our priority is making sure the children and staff have the best experience each season. It truly is unique in it’s incredible energy and memories we get to make doing all the activities.