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Venues No Longer Active

We no longer run camps at the below venues, please check out the following alternatives;


Ashlyns School - The Beacon School (only 4.9 miles away)

Beaconsfield High School - High March School (only 3.8 miles away)

Berkhire College of Agriculture - Thorpe House School (only 11.4 miles away)

Bishop Ramsey School - Northwood College for Girls (only 2.3 miles away)

Burford School - Oxford High School (only 16.4 miles away)

Burgess Hill Girls - Brighton Girls (only 8 miles away)

Charlton Manor Primary School -  Blackheath High School (only 0.9 miles away)

Chase Bridge Primary School - The Green School (only 1.9 Miles away)

Christ's College - Charterhouse (only 4.4 miles away)

Davenant Foundation School - Duncombe School (only 12.2 miles away) 

Didcot Girls School - Oxford High School (only 11.5 miles away)

Enfield Grammar School - Duncombe School (only 10.4 miles away)

Farnborough Hill - Charterhouse (only 9 miles away)

Hampton Prep School - The Green School (only 4.5 miles away)

Hawleyhurst School - The Abbey School (only 11.8 miles away)

Heath Mount School - Duncombe School (only 3.5 miles away)

Hiltingbury Junior School - St Swithun's School (only 6.4 miles away)

Holywell Primary School -  The Royal Masonic School for Girls (only 2.4 miles away)

Homefield Prep School - Cumnor House Boys School (only 4.1 miles away)

Hurst Lodge School - St James Boys Senior School (only 9.5 miles away)

King Edwards School - The Godolphin School (only 32.7 miles away)

Kingscourt School - St Swithun's School ( only 15.7 miles away)

Knole Academy -  Russell House School (only 1.9 miles away) 

Latymer Upper School - St James Preparatory School (only 1.2 miles away)

Leweston School - Talbot Heath School (only 29.8 miles away)

Long Road Sixith Form College - Kingshott School (only 23.4 miles away)

Malvern College - The Croft Preparatory School (only 28.7 miles away)

New Hall School - St Margaret's School (only 12.5 miles away)

Newland House School - The Green School (only 3.2 miles away)

North Bridge House Pre-prep - St James Preparatory School (only 3.9 miles away)

North Bridge House Prep - Prince's Gardens Preparatory School (only 3.6 miles away)

North Bridge Senior School - Prince's Gardens Preparatory School (only 3.6 miles away)

Northbourne Park School - Russell House School (only 48.5 miles away)

Oakfields Montessori School - Bromley High School (only 13 miles away)

Our Lady Of Sion School - Brighton Girls (only 9.5 miles away)

Princes Mead School -  St Swithun's School (only 1.9 miles away)

Queenswood - Duncombe School (only 4.8 miles away)

Radley College - Oxford High School (only 5.4 miles away)

Reddam House - The Abbey School (only 4.3 miles away)

Rookwood School - St Swithun's School (only 13.1 miles away)

Royal Russell School - Cumnor House Boys School (only 2 miles away)

Sackville School - Russell House School (only 15.5 miles away)

Selly Park Technology College - The Croft Preparatory School (only 20.1 miles away)

Sheldon School - The Godolphin School (Only 31.3 miles away)

Sherfield School - The Abbey School (only 9.9 miles away)

Shiplake College - The Abbey School (only 4.5 miles away)

Shrewsbury High Preparatory School - The Croft Preparatory School (only 58.1 miles away)

Simon Langton Grammar School For Boys - Russell House School (only 38.5 miles away)

Sir William Borlase's Grammar School - Thorpe House School (only 9.8 miles away)

Southgate School - Prince's Gardens Preparatory School (only 10.2 miles away)

St Augustine's Priory - Notting Hill and Ealing High School (only 0.8 miles away)

St Edmund's School - Russell House School (only 37.4 miles away)

St Edwards Preparatory School - The Croft Preparatory School (only 26.5 miles away)

St Francis College - Kingshott School (Only 2.6 miles away)

St George's School - St James Boys Senior School (only 8.9 miles away)

St Nicholas Preparatory School - Dunraven School (only 1.7 miles away)

St Peter's School - The Croft Preparatory School (only 124.9 miles away)

Swanbourne House School - The Beacon School (only 19.6 miles away)

Summer Fields - Oxford High School (only 0.3 miles away)

Sutton Valence Prep School - Russell House School (Only 18.6 miles away)

The Oratory Preparatory School - The Abbey School (Only 6.8 miles away)

The Royal Grammar School - The Beacon School (only 6.2 miles away)

The Royal Latin School -Akeley Wood Junior School (only 4.6 miles away)

The St Marylebone C of E School - Prince's Gardens Preparatory School (only 1.7 miles away)

The Westgate School - St Swithun's School (only 1.8 miles away)

Tiffin School - Putney High School (only 4.7 miles away)

Truro Prep School - Talbot Heath School (only 143.8 miles away)

West Hill Park School - St Swithun's School (only 11.9 miles away)

Weston Green School - Putney High School (only 4 miles away)

Whitgift School - Cumnor House Boys School (only 0.9 miles away)

Wimbledon High School - Putney High School (only 2.6 miles away) 

Yarrells School - Talbot Heath School (only 5.7 miles away)