Bringing Mindfulness to SuperCamps: Our New Partnership with Mindful Monsters

13 February 2020




We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Mindful Monsters. From February 2020, the Monsters will be heading to SuperCamps venues across the UK.


What is Mindfulness and who are Mindful Monsters?

A generational change in the way we all approach our daily lives, mindfulness has entered the public consciousness as the result of a greater awareness towards mental health. The act of being present with our thoughts and feelings, mindfulness can contribute towards children's overall sense of wellbeing by improving focus, encouraging calm and helping them learn to cope with difficult emotions. 

Mindful Monsters is an integral part of this important shift in society, specifically focusing on how children and familes can benefit from this tool through ways that are engaging and fun. Focusing on four key areas, their unique activity cards aim to boost creativity, improve concentration, inspire positivity and aid relaxation. Brought to life by four friendly monsters (Thinky, Giggles, Sparky and Snug), the cards are not only a great way to introduce children to mindfulness through play, but also support the disability equality charity, Scope. 




A Mindful Approach to Activity Camps 

The foundations of wellbeing and mindfulness already underpin life on camp. Recognising the importance of creating moments of calm to balance more physical, high-energy activities, our ethos is aligned with Ofsted's commitment to 'Educate children in the widest of they can focus, concentrate, interact with others, regulate emotions, build resilience and cope with the changes of modern life'. From nature walks to daily arts and crafts sessions, our day to day activities motivate children to explore new ideas and give expression to emotion. 



Bringing Mindfulness to SuperCamps

 Introducing Mindful Monsters to our camps means giving children more opportunities for personal development throughout their time on camp. Attending a school holiday for the first time can be overwhelming; it's certainly not uncommon to feel nervous or shy. Using their activity cards to form fun and interactive sessions aimed towards supporting children's integration onto camp, the Monsters will accompany children hand-in-hand during their time at SuperCamps. Whether it's taking a moment with Thinky to adjust to the camp environment, make new friendships with the help of Giggles or use Snug's calming techniques to reset, recharge and identify difficult emotions, the Monster's will act as both a constant support and on-hand tool for those moments of unrest.

As our charity of choice, SuperCamps are delighted to endorse disability equality charity, Scope. Scope provide practical information and emotional support when it's most needed, and campaign relentlessly to create a fairer society. Opportunities to donate to the charity will be present across all SuperCamps venues from February 2020. You can also easily donate here.



To learn more about Mindful Monsters, you can visit