Tennis Talk: Mastering the Basics on Paul Delgado Tennis Camps

19 February 2020
Last month we launched our exciting new Tennis course in assocation with Tennis legends, Paul and Jamie Delgado. Introducing children to the core skills of the game, the course has been designed to train children in the essentials in order to prepare them for game play and tournaments. 

For Delgado, being successful in the game is all about mastering the basics: 'I have worked closely with my brother, Paul, to ensure that our Tennis camps cover the core fundamentals needed to develop a top Tennis player. Our aim is to ensure that every child that attends our camps experiences a top-level delivery'.

So, what do the 'core fundamentals' entail? With a focus on developing the techniques and skills required to exectue the many different styles of play found in the game, each day will serve up something new.

Paul Delgado has talked us through 3 of the essential techniques your child can expect from the course:


1. Groundstrokes (Forehand and Backhands)

The focus throughout the week wil be in developing the techniques and skills required to deliver a sound all round game. These include consistency, attack, defense and counter-attacking techniques. Some of the specific areas include the attacking "Mid Court Ball", the "Approach Shot", the "Drop Shot", the "Lob" and the "Trading Groundstroke". 

2. Serve

Whilst the serve is an individual skill, we will focus on best utilizing the player's strength to the style of play required. Our focus will be on consistency, placement and opening up the point with the serve to ensure the server starts the point on the front foot.

3. Volley

The volley is a unique skill that requires feel and touch and is an essential skill needed to "finish off the point". We will focus on developing the players confidence when at the net by working on techniques to help players composure when playing the shot without a bounce. The Volley is a progression of the slice spin and players will be working on this progression and skill. 


Whether your child is new to the game or a regular players, all ambitious young Tennis players will receive training on these advanced skills from experienced coaches that are tailored to the level of the indivdual. Dates for our Tennis camps are now available to book for Easter and Summer and you can view our full 5-day Tennis timetable here