Ofsted Explained: Our Recent Results and What it Means to be MET

29 January 2020


As an Ofsted registered childcare provider, our camps receive regular inspections from Ofsted to ensure that our on-camp policies and procedures are always in line with best practice. Until recently it was possible to achieve one of four grades: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate. However, changes made to Ofsted’s inspection framework in September 2019 introduced the criteria: ‘MET’ or ‘NOT MET’.


Why the change and what does it actually mean to be graded 'MET'?

These changes were made as a result of insights made by the public sector, who felt that the existing framework took into consideration certain variables that were not relevant within Out of School settings. For example, aspects of mainstream education such as learning outcomes or quality of teaching. Instead, recognizing the need to focus on the child’s experience in these extracurricular environments, the new syllabus concentrates on a more holistic approach to learning; how children learn and develop through social interaction and cultural stimuli, how the safe and secure environments our staff create inspire positive behaviors, healthy choices and emotional resilience. 

These ideas are covered by three judgement criteria Ofsted will now use when conducting inspections:

Behaviour and Attitudes

Personal Development

Leadership and Management

For pre-school settings, school's and educational institutions are also graded by a fourth criteria: Quality of Education

To be graded MET then, means quite simply, to have met these requirements. If graded as ‘NOT MET’, Ofsted will assign a grading of either ‘not met with actions’ or ‘not met with enforcement’ in which case further action would be taken.


Are SuperCamps a 'MET' childcare provider?

Our first inspection under the new syllabus took place just recently during our Winter camps when Ofsted visited our Summer Fields venue in Oxford. Following the inspection, we are pleased to announce that we achieved the best possible result: MET! Fantastic work team Summer Fields! 

Encouraged by the success of these great results, we're excited to maintain the momentum of this success going forward. For us, the new Ofsted frameworks means having the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to child wellbeing.


Here are just a few of the brilliant things Ofsted had to say about our Early Years programme. The full report can be found here.


''Staff support children's ideas and creativity well and provide a good range of activities to help children be imaginative'' 


''Children are encouraged to help others to be included and play games together to develop children's sense of security"


"Children are happy and clearly have fun as they play and explore. They are well entertained and enjoy the activites provided which ignite their interest and support their ongoing future learning and development''