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Super DIY: Festive Crafts

13 December 2019


 Feel inspired by the frosty weather this festive season with these easy DIY crafts to try out with your little ones. Requiring minimum arts materials and suitable for any age, these creative distractions are perfect for a wintry weekend indoors.  


 Snowman Wreath

These clever wreaths will bring some extra sparkle to your home during the dark winter months. Taking a paper plate and cutting out the center, this will form both the head and body of your snowman. You can even add fluff to the body by adding pom poms or cotton wool. To bring your snowy friend to life, fashion paper arms, a scarf, hat and a button smile. You might even want to turn your wreath into an ornament to hang on the tree by attaching a loop of ribbon. 


Paper Penguins

Draw round your child’s hand to create the body of the penguin, then simply add a circle of white paper or felt to create your penguin’s fuzzy belly. All that’s needed to finish the look is some googly eyes and an orange, paper beak.