Chelsea Chatter: 2019 Testimonials

15 November 2019


2019 has been a fantastic year for our Chelsea FC Foundation camps. Following the success of the course across Easter and Summer, we more recently introduced a new 3-day version of the course, carried out across October Half-Term. With a focus on developing skill and technique across a broad range of playing positions, as well as seminars in topics such as diversity, nutrition and recovery, the course has allowed children to enhance and develop their current skillset, meet other children with a shared interest in football and provide young footballers with a holistic view of the game from a range of different perspectives.

The positive impact of the course across the year is perhaps best reflected in the enormity of positive responses we have received. Here are just a handful of the brilliant things, both parents and children have to say about the course from 2019:






''My child thoroughly enjoyed the week of football camp. She went from watching cartoons to asking us to play football with her in the park everyday. She made friends and thought the coaches were fun and friendly''

St. Nicholas Prep School, Summer 2019


''My kids enjoyed every minute of the football camp. We were very happy and I would highly recommend...''

The Royal Masonic School, October 2019


Carrying the energy and momentum of the course into the new year, we’ll be launching our 2020 dates on 16th December for February, Easter and Summer camps. Bringing fresh new content to our 2020 product, sign up to our newsletter and look out on social media for more exciting news of our Chelsea FC football camps.