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How should parents balance their children’s screen time during the summer holidays?

10 August 2022

With the school summer holidays just around the corner, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to keep your kids entertained for six weeks straight!

Technology has made it so easy for our kids to learn from home, develop new schools, talk to their friends outside of school and gives them access to a whole heap of games, activities and more! However, while it may be easy to rely on iPads and Nintendos to keep the kids happy and entertained during the summer vacation, there are some negatives to too much time in front of a screen.

These can include:

  •           Poor quality sleep
  •           Lack of concentration
  •           Back and neck pain – and we don’t want this setting in from a young age.

There’s plenty of ways for you, as a parent, to help balance your child’s screen time during the school holidays.

We’ve listed just a few of them below:

Set a time limit:

Balance is important!

As we mentioned, there’s plenty of positives that come with technology. The key is having the right amount and encouraging a healthy relationship with screen time and social media.

Most devices have parental controls that enable you to limit your child’s screen time as a literal reminder. They also have timers and digital reports that can show you how much time and where your child has spent their time, helping you to create offline activities that suit their interests.

These controls can also be good for everyone’s benefit.

Offline activities:

The summer doesn’t need to spent on expensive days out to theme parks and trips abroad. There are plenty of ways you can keep your kids entertained and busy at home without the need for a screen.

Get them involved in some offline activities inside the house with the heaps of downloadable resources that offer you and your children plenty of activities to do during the holidays. From games that can help with maths and literacy to Arts and Crafts that’ll you have plenty of things to redecorate the house with – your kids won’t face a moment of boredom!

Outdoor activities:

Another way to get your kids away from screens is to completely remove the temptation. Encouraging to get your kids out the house and into the British sun not only gets them away from screens but also gives them the benefit of the outdoors.

A breath of fresh air can really help with:

  •          Sleep Quality
  •           Wellbeing
  •           Fitness
  •           Concentration

From walks in a nature reserve to building forts, there’s plenty of outdoor activities that you can find over on our sister company’s website, Camp Wilderness. Take a look!

The summer of fun:

There’s one sure fire way that’ll keep your kids away from screens all summer long and that’s SuperCamps!

We combine everything from games, crafts, indoor and outdoor activities to get your kids out, playing with friends and making new memories. Alongside this, all our activities will help them develop new skills and support their developmental growth.

With the return of our roaming activities at our summer camps, your children will be in for days spent playing laser tag, archery tag, zorbing and playing on inflatable obstacle courses to just name a few!