Importance of social interaction for a child's development

23 September 2022

It is not an over exaggeration to say that our kids have had a difficult few years. From COVID putting a halt to regularly schooling, adapting to an online environment and then a reintroduction back into their everyday classes and nurseries following months at home with just family and siblings. No matter the child’s age, these last few years have had a huge impact on how our children interact with their peers and the world around them, which is why now that we’re well adjusted to a post COVID world, we take steps to focus on ways to better our children’s’ social competence and skills outside the classroom through the likes of school holiday camps. 

Taking child development beyond the classroom  

Teachers and schools work hard to frame lessons around the importance of social interaction for your child’s development through various teaching styles, but how can we continue this at home? And why should we?  


Social interaction can help build:  

  • Confidence  
  • Empathy 
  • Understanding of the world around them  
  • Imagination and creativity 
  • Speech and comprehension  
  • Much more 

Finding ways to get your children involved with other kids their age is incredibly important for their development. They will be able to work together to build cognitive links to solve problems and develop better ways to communicate their ideas across to one another. A child’s imagination knows no bounds, and putting them in a position to share this imagination with others their age means you’re helping them to play again.  

Ways to encourage social interaction 

There are plenty of ways to encourage social interaction between children, both inside and outside of school. 

  • School clubs  
  • Extracurricular interests  
  • Play dates  
  • Kids Holiday Camps  

Here at SuperCamps, we know the impact that kids camps and the right holiday childcare can have on a child’s development. While your child is at SuperCamps, they’ll get to play with other children in a variety of activities that are designed to mimic multiple play styles, encouraging different forms of interaction between the children.  

During arts and crafts sessions, children will share ideas with one another, and ask for supplies. During games, kids will work as a team towards a collective goal, and in mindfulness sessions like Golden Hour, children will design their own ways to play expressing their interests and reflecting on their needs.  

Get your kids playing and embracing the power of play during the school holidays at SuperCamps. We have holiday camps across the country and separate children into cohorts so they’ll spend the day embracing the power of play with children their own age and at the same developmental stage, helping them to make friends and build upon these key social interactions.  


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