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Recycled Arts & Crafts

28 July 2019

This week is Green Week on our Multi-Activity camps, so we thought we’d take a look at some eco-friendly ideas for kids’ activities. Arts & crafts is so much fun and it doesn’t have to be pricey; take a look below at common household items that can escape the bin and become artistic masterpieces…


Cardboard Tube

Your loo roll is hiding the ultimate weapon when it comes to creating! These cardboard tubes are perfect for building robots and towers. Since they’re easy to cut, they can also be made into sharks and birds - or even biodegradable confetti.


Plastic Bottles

Large or small, bottles can be decorated then filled with water and eco-friendly glitter to make an eye-catching shaker. Alternatively, you can cut a square out of the middle, then decorate the bottle and hang it with string for a refillable bird feeder to put in the garden.



Printed too many forms? No worries, you’ve got yourself a stack of paper ready for drawing and painting. If there’s a party coming up, transform the sheets into garlands: cut 3cm strips of paper, decorate with drawings, then link them in a chain using glue. 


Sweet Wrappers

Crinkly textures, shiny foil and colourful plastic are perfect for a sensory collage. Just grab some of your recycled paper, then get sticking sweet wrappers to make pictures and patterns.


Egg Carton

The interesting shape of these boxes lends itself to so many creations. Cut out individual egg holders, draw eyes and stick onto a drawing for 3D effects; or keep the carton as a whole – the bobbly texture is great for making crocodiles or caterpillars. 


Every day on Multi-Activity camps, kids enjoy a range of arts & crafts activities, so find a camp now for more creative fun.

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