Digital Detox: Great Nature Activities

11 August 2019

Summer in the UK can be unpredictable but whenever the weather’s good, it’s great to get outside and enjoy nature. We’ve had a think and put together some fantastic activities that kids have enjoyed on camp, which you could try too.

Patterned Pots

Gathering different leaves, seeds, flowers or any other things you find outside provides interesting textures and shapes for decorating. You can press these on four squares of modelling clay, then stick the squares together, plus a 5th square for the base, to make a patterned pot.

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things to find in the garden or at the park, then set off on a hunt to gather or spot them. Things like leaves and feathers could be collected, or you can take pictures of the things you find from your list, then count how many you found. Older children could also mark the locations of the items they found on a map. 


Flower Crowns

Starting a crown can be tricky, but with a grown up’s help, children can weave ferns, vines or twigs together to make the base. Flowers and other decorations can then be added to make a beautiful crown fit for any king (or queen!).


Find the colour

Similar to a scavenger hunt, but with colours in mind! Kids can draw a rainbow, then head off outside and write down what items they find that match the different colours of their rainbow. This fun activity can be turned into a competition, with the first person to find all their colours winning a prize. 


Rock Decorations

This one is great after a visit to the beach or the forest! Having gathered different rocks, you can paint designs and even see if any of the rocks could be transformed into an animal by sticking on legs and arms made from card. 


Nature Walk

A nature walk is the key to any of the activities above. Whether it’s to gather decorations or find treasures, nature walks a great fun and keep kids active. Any walk can be made into a nature walk – just look out for animals to spot, twigs to collect, or flowers to admire!


At all SuperCamps Multi-Activity venues, children enjoy time outdoors, where they enjoy nature-inspired activities and collect items to decorate their pictures with. Find out more about Multi-Activity camps here.