Make your own stickers - Crafts at home.

28 March 2022

Make your own stickers! 

A fun activity you can do during the holidays is create your own stickers with the kids. 


This is a super simple craft you can do and will keep your kids entertained designing and colouring while you tackle other bits round the house. 


What will you need: 



Colouring Pencils and or pens 

Clear tape

Wax paper



Let’s get started:


1- Draw and draw some more

This is where you kids can draw and colour to their heart's content! They can get as creative as they like with their designs and the more the better. Feel free to design a few of your own as well. 


Top tip - For younger kids we like to use small colouring books. This makes it easier and less frustrating for them as they just need to colour in the lines to create their masterpieces. 


2- Snip Snip

Time to cut out all the designs! Remember everything you cut will be included so try to get as close to the edge of the drawings as possible. 


3- Assemble the stickers

The kids have created their designs and they are all cut out, now time to turn those works of art into stickers. 


First cut a small square large enough to fit your drawing. This will act as the backing paper until you are ready to place your sticker. 


Then layer your clear tape over the wax paper sticky side down. 


Place your drawing on top, pretty side up so you can see it.


Then place another layer of sticker tape over the top, sticky side down.


You should now have a sticky tape burger with your drawing sandwiched in the middle. 


Time to snip again! Carefully cut out the sticker shape again, getting as close to the edges as possible, just like before. 


4- Time to peel and stick! 

And there you have it, you can now peel your stickers and place them all over the house. 


Top tip - If you aren't ready to use your stickers just yet. We suggest grabbing a large piece of wax paper. Peeling all your stickers off their individually backing pieces and place them onto one sheet ready for use. 


There you have it! A fun at home craft you can do with the kids no matter the weather. 


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