Weekend boredom buster: Kids bingo game

06 June 2023

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to keep your kids entertained at home on the weekends? Look no further than bingo! This classic game is perfect for kids of all ages, and it's easy to set up with just a few supplies.

Here's how to do an at-home bingo game for kids:

Gather your supplies: You'll need bingo cards (you can print these from the internet or create your own using card and a marker), a bowl or other container to hold the bingo balls – if you don’t have bingo balls you can write numbers on folded pieces of paper and something to mark the cards (like small candies or coins).

Set up the game: Distribute the bingo cards to the players and explain the rules of the game. You can choose to have a caller who draws the bingo balls/paper and announces the numbers, or you can take turns being the caller.

Play the game: Draw a ball/paper from the container and announce the number. Players will check their cards to see if they have that number, and if so, they mark it with a marker. The first player to get five marked squares in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) yells "Bingo!" and wins the game.

Prize: If you want to make the game more exciting for your kids, add a prize in at the end for the winner e.g. a small bag of sweets or some stickers.

Mix it up: To keep the game fresh and exciting, try playing different variations of bingo. For example, you can play "blackout" bingo, where players have to mark every square on their card to win. Or you can play "picture" bingo, where the squares are filled with pictures instead of numbers.

Bingo is a timeless game that's perfect for keeping kids entertained over the holiday. With just a few supplies and a little creativity, you can set up a fun and easy game that your kids will love. So why not give it a try today?