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Erin’s Leap back in time

03 June 2019

Over May Half Term, our weekly theme was A Leap Back in Time. Activities like Dinosaur Tag and Dr Who Dodgeball magically transformed camps into time warps, where history came to life. All that magic must have travelled to Head Office, as Regional Manager, Erin, was whisked back to memories of her own time as a child on camp. 

When did you used to go to camp? 

I think I started going to SuperCamps when I was 5 and I kept going until I was 14. I went to so many camps, but two that I remember are Dean Close [School] and Marsh Gibbon [Church of England School] – we don’t run there now though.

What were your favourite things to do at camp?

Back then, I used to love making chocolate rice crispy cakes, that used to be one of the regular activities! I remember as well that when we first arrived, we used to make our own name tags and we’d win points for using lots of colour. It was such a good way to learn everyone’s names and it helped me make friends - I’m still in touch with some of them today.

What made you want to work for SuperCamps?

We had this one Activity Instructor who was so enthusiastic; he taught me some basic gymnastics and how to swim underwater. Seeing how much fun he had, even though he was at work, made me want a job like that. I love that at SuperCamps you can have a sporty, active job that’s also really sociable – we even have our own staff Facebook group.

Something that I’ve discovered while working here is that it’s so rewarding to see how returning children have progressed each year – from their time in our early years groups all the way up to 12+. I feel proud to have been a part of their childhood.

How has camp changed?

We have such good partnership activities like KitCamp nowadays, plus we’ve added excursions – those are completely new. I also think it’s cool that we have Specialist Courses like Cookery, I think the kids enjoy doing something different. I feel like we also focus a lot on development; we make sure that kids enjoy sports or creative stuff, but in a way that will help them gain fitness or motor skills.

Erin outside at SuperCamps Multi-Activity camp