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Daily Journaling Ideas for Kids

07 April 2020



Finding time to write down and document our ideas, feelings and thoughts can be a fantastic way for kids to give expression to the spectrum of emotions they experience from day to day. Developing positive daily journaling habits not only means children have a special archive of memories and moments to look back on but as a daily exercise can boost creativity, improve literacy skills and even relieve worries and stress.  


1.     Use colour, stamps and stickers.

Inspire imagination, creativity and mess by emptying the craft box, sharpening the colouring pencils and letting the kids loose with different colour, textures and shapes. Break down the conventions of traditional journaling by introducing your children to daily journaling as a fun, relaxing and creative activity. 


2. Fill with keepsakes

We often associate many of our happiest memories with objects and keepsakes acquired over time. Whether that’s a movie stub from a film you went to see as a family, a piece of ribbon from a favourite birthday present or a photograph taken in the garden, encouraging your children to collect these small -seemingly insignificant-snippets of their day can be added to your journal to build a collage of memories.


3. Let your child express their personal style

Encourage children to express their ideas in whichever way they enjoy most. For some children, it’s not always easy to use words. Instead, why not use shapes, pictures or scribbles to create an impression of your day.


4. Find a cosy corner to journal in

Urge your child to make the ritual of daily journaling a comforting and self-reflective part of their day by encouraging them to find a spot in the house that is private and personal to them.

Away from distractions and alone with our thoughts, we're better able to 


5. Use creative writing prompts

Whilst a blank, empty page can be a great canvas for free flowing expression, it can also feel intimidating and sometimes writing prompts can be useful in directing ideas and feelings.

Some ideas for writing prompts you could use include urging children to write down something new they've learnt each day or creating sections in the journal 

for documenting our favourite foods or films.


Get your child's daily journaling started by printing out SuperCamps free downloadable journal for kids. It contains lots of the great ideas we've discussed here, as well 

as sections to complete your week in review and for your child to draw their own handprint.