A Day on Camp: The Greatest Show

23 October 2019


Across Multi-Activity camps this October, we’ve been getting into the spirit of the circus as we celebrate our ‘Greatest Show’ theme. With tales of towering big top tent tents and circus animals roaming our venues, we wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. Read on to discover how our marketing team got on during their visit to our St. Swithun’s camp in Winchester this week…


Clowning About

With the circus on our minds, the morning’s session began with our 6-7 crew crafting Funny Feet Clowns. Using a paper cup as the clown’s body, children could then draw around their feet to create a pair of giant clown shoes, with pipe cleaners, pompoms, feathers and string added to create lanky limbs, a tuft of wild, colorful hair and characteristic red nose. With each child’s own unique take on the activity evident in the final line up of clownish creations, we saw a whole array of playful and original designs.




Circus Animals Escaped

Hearing a lion’s roar from the Early Years hideaway, the team headed over to investigate. Before us stood Giraffes with necks reaching high above the classroom tables, elephants with trunks waving wildly around and tiger’s with sharp glistening teeth crouching low to hunt their prey. As we peered a little closer, we soon discovered that these ferocious beasts were not circus animals let loose, but our Early Years crew turned wild! Exploring movement and shapes, sounds and senses, this creative session imitating animal behaviours, allowed little ones to direct their energy into imaginative play, whilst encouraging focus and refining motor skills.                                          

Pokémon Adventures

After lunch our 8+ crew ventured outdoors to seek out seven of the Legendary Pokémon rumored to have found their way on to camp this season. Amongst trees, behind benches and even buried beneath the soil, our young adventurers discovered mythical Pokémon such as Lunala and Arceus. Having inputted all seven into their Field Research Guides, our now certified Pokémon trainers were rewarded with bundles of Pokémon trading cards to swap and trade amongst one another.