Banana Camp: April Fools 2019

01 April 2019

UPDATE: This post was for April Fool's Day. We do love bananas though, they're a tasty and healthy snack!


SuperCamps is delighted to announce that we will be launching a brand-new banana camp this summer. This brilliant camp will help children to develop an in-depth understanding of the tropical fruit that we all know and love. 

Why bananas?

Since Alexander The Great came across this superb fruit in 327 BC, bananas have become so much more than a snack; they are a cultural icon. We recognised their importance and decided that children should be given the opportunity to contemplate and appreciate the sunshine-yellow, moon-shaped berry in order to enrich their comprehension of our society. 

Themed Activities

At Banana Camp, children will be split into three bunches: Banana Milkshake, Banana Pancake and Banana Bread. Each child can win bananas for their bunch during themed activities: Pass the Banana, Banana Drama and Squashed Banana. 

Pass the Banana is a fruity twist on pass the parcel in which lucky winners will take a banana from a bunch being passed around; Banana Drama will stimulate children’s imaginations as they take on the role of a banana and contemplate the fruit’s lifecycle; meanwhile, Squashed Banana will be the grand finale in which bunches compete in a themed squash tournament (fancy dress will be provided). 

Banana Giveaways

In addition to daily bananas that children will be given to take home, they can win bananas throughout the activities and even find “Secret Bananas” hidden around the venue. There will also be exciting prizes up for grabs including banana pyjamas, banana guards and a banana costume.