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Here Come Our Everyday Superheroes

05 April 2019

From the 8th to the 18th of April, our theme across all Multi-Activity camps will be Everyday Superheroes. Children will participate in superhero activities and apply the skills that they learn in our Heroes Assemble challenges. 

Superhero Activities

SuperCamps works in partnership with leading brands in order to provide the best equipment, activities and giveaways on camp. Thanks to our partnership with Marvel, Everyday Superheroes will incorporate known characters like The Hulk and Thanos into on-camp activities. This engages children, as they can get excited about and explore the Marvel universe that they know and love. 

In addition to partnership activities throughout the week, Fridays will transform into Marvelous Fridays with superhero activities and a Heroes Assemble grand finale. In the challenge, children will be encouraged to use everyday knowledge of science and problem solving to help stop Thanos’ evil plan. 

Why are the heroes “everyday”?

At SuperCamps, we ensure that all activities have educational value. Heroes with superpowers make for great entertainment, but the idea of normal, everyday heroes who use their thinking skills to save the day will teach children transferrable skills and how we use them to solve problems. Everyday Superheroes will also promote engineering, as we explain how engineers use superhero-like skills to build machinery and infrastructure.