How Children Benefit From Their Time on Camp

28 March 2019

It is often said that most things are learned in environments outside the classroom and SuperCamps is no exception. As an Ofsted-registered childcare provider, SuperCamps ensures that each camp or course serves as an educational experience. Children enjoy themselves whilst learning through fun, engaging activities.

Developing practical skills

While children acquire knowledge in the classroom every day, physical education and other practical lessons such as art can be limited to once a week or less. Consequently, Ofsted-approved holiday camps are a way in which to ensure that children receive a holistic education that encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

On our Specialist Courses, the educational aims are evident; for example, Cookery improves culinary skills, Chelsea FC Foundation Football Camps teach sporting techniques and Bushcraft shows children survival skills. Multi-Activity camps offer a broader education. Through sports, games, arts & crafts and many more children can develop a wealth of practical skills. No matter which camp or course, children come away having learned and gained confidence.

Understanding our environment

In 2019, SuperCamps launched a Mad Science course to teach children important concepts through innovative and fun workshops. The excitement of seeing phenomena such as the “human lightbulb” isn’t just for entertainment; it’s a way of establishing a level of engagement that can be difficult to achieve in traditional classroom settings. In essence, children learn more when they’re having fun!

Many of our camps, such as the Multi-Activity Camp and Bushcraft course, also enable children to spend time outdoors learning about their environment through direct experience; however, there is an extra benefit of learning outside. Nature presents unexpected opportunities that Activity Instructors use to add extra information. For example, a bird flying nearby could be the perfect time to explain how nests are built. 

Making new friends

Finally, every camp is a shared environment where children meet grown-ups and new peers. Unlike school, camp is an environment where socialising is encouraged through the many group activities on offer. Because most children are away from their usual social group at camps, they must navigate new friendships and overcome shyness. By the end of their time at camp, children have gained confidence through successfully reaching out to new people and forming bonds.  

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