A Parents Guide to Homeschooling

06 May 2020



We spoke to Super Mum, Leanne Andrews, about her experience homeschooling whilst juggling work. Here's what she had to say...


As a parent myself, I know the struggle of keeping children occupied and motivated while teaching them at home. I think parents need to stick together and swap ideas on how we can keep our children engaged and learning. I’ve listed below my top tips for having a straightforward home-schooling day.


• Stick to a daily routine/timetable and try and make learning fun, as little minds tend to get distracted! 

• Concentrate on the core subjects of Maths and English and seek help from the internet or their schoolbooks.  

• Show an interest in the activities they are working on and for those who are doing Google Classrooms,praise them when their teacher awards them a gold star for their work.  

• Take time to watch Horrible Histories, Blue Planet or any other educational show, its a break from the computer but still a learning opportunity. 

• Make sure to take regular breaks, eat healthily and keep hydrated.


Lastly my number 1 recommendation is to enjoy the unexpected quality time with your children, they will remember and thank you for this when they’re older, I’m sure!! 


Written by Leanne Andrews, Mum of One and Buisness Development Executive.