5 Simple Exercises for Kids to do From Home

13 May 2020


Keeping active is one of the most important parts of the day, however, whilst lounging around at home it can be tempting to get stuck into other activities from watching tv to gaming and even napping. Here at SuperCamps we love physical activity and know children can have lots of energy to burn which is why we want to make the most of our time at home with some simple exercises to be done indoors or out to keep things fun and interesting. Find our Top 5 easy at home exercises below.


• Balance books on your back and do 10 press ups 

• Place a can in each hand and use as weights, lift and down 15 times 

• Balance a water bottle across the bottom of your legs and see how many times you can lift your feet up, keeping your bottom on the ground and legs straight 

• Walk up and down the stairs, see who can do the most steps! 

• Place items on the floor and run in between without hitting them!