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What Makes SuperCamps Staff Exceptional?

31 July 2020


Exceptional Staff You Can Trust


There is a reason why SuperCamps is one of the leading childcare providers in the UK, and that has a massive amount to do with the staff we are fortunate enough to work with. Here are a few reasons why we employ the best staff in our field, and what they have to say about working for SuperCamps and why it’s so important to them.

The recruitment team at Head Office do a fantastic job of placing the absolute best staff in our field, ensuring every staff member has the passion and enthusiasm needed to support the learning and development of every single child that attends our camps. Children require heaps of energy and enthusiasm daily, and that is something we are proud to say every single member of our SuperCamps staff team has in abundance!


We take staff training very seriously, and every single team member that works for us, in every role we recruit, undertakes a thorough training process, where we are also able to meet every single staff member in person. That personal touch from us ensures we continue to employ the very best staff at all of our venues and allows us to see them in action before they start on camp.


We are very fortunate to have so many qualified nursery and teaching staff that choose to work for SuperCamps season on season. With years’ worth of experience across multiple age ranges, these teachers are a real asset to any venue. Not only this, we fully support our budding teachers in training working for SuperCamps, learning alongside some of our staff who have worked for us for over 5 years! Katrina is one of these staff members who has worked in childcare for just over 10 years & has been with us for over 5. She had this to say about her time with SuperCamps:


‘One of my career highlights was been becoming a camp manager for SuperCamps back in 2015. The skills I have learnt surrounding creativity in learning, people management and collaborative thinking to ensure the safety and most importantly fun has without a doubt been a solid foundation for my teaching career. I work every season that I can, and love interacting with all of the children’.


It is not only teachers that work on camp, but we have some exceptional staff who specialize in Special Educational Needs, and this sharing of best practice is really what creates that unique camp experience, and ensures our children are looked after by the very best in the business.


We have a large database of staff who specialise in Early Years & Childhood Development and have spent many years working in nurseries & similar environments. These phenomenal staff often make up our Early Years Practitioner workforce, and deliver the highest standard of care to our 4 & 5 year old’s on camp (you’ll notice these staff with their rainbow lanyards 😊 ). Hannah has worked for SuperCamps for 4 years, and said:


‘Working alongside such a dynamic and versatile team, means every season I am learning something new. I have been working as a nursery assistant for 3 years, and I love my time with SuperCamps because I always get to work with such a strong team, from all different elements of childcare. It’s aided my own personal development, and I feel like I can deliver the best experience to the younger children on camp’.


We take immense pride in our staff, and the quality and experience that they each bring to our camps & we are confident that we have some of the best staff in the industry.



If you’d be interested in joining a camp team at a venue near you, please follow the below link to apply today, and one of our friendly recruiters will be in touch.