How Does SuperCamps Develop Your Child?

17 June 2020

How does SuperCamps develop your child?

A child’s journey through the education sector plays a big part in their overall development and going to school can introduce a child to range of opportunities for them to learn and enhance their development. At SuperCamps we understand the importance of ensuring that during the school holidays we allow children to continue their developmental journey- but how do we do this?

From the day that a child spends their first day on camp, regardless of their age they have begun a new sector of their development. Our camp venues are carefully selected to provide a safe, stimulating and secure environment that will underpin the activities in our programme. The environment in which a child is surrounded by is a key factor in providing them with the confidence needed to partake in our activity programme.

A new experience at our camps is not just limited to playing a new sport or taking on a new team challenge. Within their group, children will be exposed to different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Mixing with their peers through our activities provides enriching opportunities to learn about the wider world, whilst also making new friends. Over the years as they attend camp during the holidays these friendships can be rekindled and children are able to share their camp experiences together.

As children make their way through our Multi-Activity programme and specialist courses as they get older, we understand that play is not always about fantasy and imagination. With this in mind, we look to develop children’s understanding of the balance between competition and compassion for others. Working together as part of team is not just done through sports, but also through Team or whole camp challenges, honing in on a child’s development of their confidence and self-worth.

At SuperCamps each we recognise that each child is different and will have their own set of interests and abilities. From the Early Years children to the oldest age group we aim to capture a child’s creative flair and use this to provoke interest and engagement in classic favourite activities, but also activities that are adapted and varied to provide new challenges on a regular basis.

Both within the Head Office team and our database of seasonal staff, all of our staff are passionate about creating new and exciting activities for the children on camp to participate in every time they spend a day on camp with us. Plenty of time is spent analysing activities, focusing on how they will in turn help a child through the journey of development.