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Why do Performing Arts?

13 March 2023

Performing arts can be an amazing tool with an impactful effect ion children they can take with them as they grow into adults. From their mental health to their physical, Performing Arts ticks all the boxes as well as working on many other skills without them realising.

Build confidence

The most obvious benefit of engaging in the Performing Arts is the confidence it can help children build. Pushing them outside their comfort zone in a safe space where they can try new skills without fear or judgement. Each student will be trying singing dancing and reciting lines and new acting skills. It's a fantastic environment for them to embrace trying new techniques and for them to become more self-assured in their own thoughts and how they wish to perform and act scenes.

Mental and Physical Health

A fantastic added benefit of Performing Arts is it get all aspects of the body involved without the typical PE class mindset that some children do not enjoy. Instead it focuses on using your body as a means of expression and an extension of the performance. From dancing, singing and channeling emotions the whole body becomes involved and burns lots of energy as a result but also helps with those bottled up emotions that they perhaps wouldn't be able to talk about in an ordinary scenario.

Teaching Empathy

A life lesson that will stay with them for many years, a fantastic skill of being able to put themselves in the shoes and mindsets of others. By tuning into their emotions and putting together performances for characters can provide them the knowledge and ability to do this in their real life for friends, family etc. who may be experiencing extreme emotions. Or perhaps even how to deal with their own.

Performing Arts is a fantastic platform for children to express and find who they are during such a transformational period of their lives. We at SuperCamps love sharing and exploring ways Performing Arts can help in children's development, so much so we run and provide our own performance camp during the school breaks Take The Stage to read more about what we can offer during the school breaks and allow your children to perform all day and explore just what's on offer in the performing arts.