Activities for children to do over the coronation bank holiday

21 April 2023

The upcoming bank holiday weekend is the perfect opportunity for families to come together and celebrate the King's coronation, which is an important event in the history of the country. While many people may opt for outdoor activities or events, such as street parties, there is much fun to be had indoors as well. This is particularly true for children, who enjoy activities that encourage creativity and exploration.

Arts and crafts are an excellent way to keep children engaged and entertained during the bank holiday weekend. There are numerous activities that children can do, depending on their interests and abilities. For example, you can encourage children to create their own crowns, which they can wear during the celebrations. This can be done using cardboard, glitter, and other materials, and can be a fun group activity. Similarly, you can ask children to create posters or banners to decorate the house, using flags or other symbols related to the King's coronation.

Alternatively, you can encourage children to create their own artwork inspired by the event. This could include drawings, paintings, or sculptures of the royal family, or scenes depicting important moments from the coronation. These can be displayed in the house as a way of celebrating the day.

Child doing arts and crafts

Another fun activity for children to do over a bank holiday weekend is baking. This is an opportunity for children to learn some basic cooking skills while also creating something tasty to enjoy. You could make coronation biscuits, which are easy to make and can be decorated with icing sugar or fondant to make them more festive. Alternatively, you could make cupcakes, which can also be decorated with flags or other symbols related to the event.

If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you could even try making a traditional British pudding, such as spotted dick or bread and butter pudding. These are usually made with simple ingredients and can be a fun activity for children to help with.

There are many activities for children to do over a bank holiday weekend to celebrate the King's coronation. Whether it's arts and crafts, baking, or other activities, the key is to encourage creativity and exploration. By doing so, you can make the day more fun and memorable for the whole family.