Top 5 Outdoor toys for 8-10-year-olds for Summer

13 March 2023

With spring on the horizon we bet parents are just as a excited as us to get the kids back outdoors and enjoying playing outside! We are going to take you through our Top 5 favourite outdoor activities to help inspire you this Spring to get them playing outdoors.

1 - Giant boardgames If like us you took to playing board games when the temperature plummeted you can keep this theme going but just SUPERsized! There are plenty of oversized board games you can take into the garden, one of our favorites is snakes and ladders but for those who enjoy more of a challenge try your hand at supersized chess.

2 - Inflatables

Whether its a bouncy house or zorb activities balls, inflatables are always a winner! Hours of fun can be had with friends making the most of the sunshine, not to mention the added bonus of being active the whole time they are participating it's a great all-rounder activity. Don't worry if you don’t have enough space in your garden we host a whole range of festival activities at camp that can keep your little ones entertained.

3- Play Tents Play tents are a great tool to use in the warmer months! Not only do they provide a dedicated space for kids to play and help their imagination go wild, but they also provide shade to help keep them safe when the sun is at its highest.

4 - Activity toys These types of toys all focus on movement, think of space hoppers, skipping ropes and scooters. Children can create competitions and their own games all they while running around the garden and keeping their bodies moving. The added bonus that they will be nice tired by the time dinner comes round so will be happy to relax and unwind in the evenings.

5 - And finally, sports!

There are so many sporting activities to capture your children's attention when the warmer weather arrives. From football and rounders to water fights and tag. These activities usually require minimal equipment ansd are quick and easy to set up making it easy for the kids to keep playing again and again. I they really love football don't forget to check out our dedicated specialist Chelsea Football camp!

There you have it! Our top 5 activities to keep the kids entertained when the warmer weather arrives. What are some of your top outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained? Let us know on our socials and tag us for a chance to feature!