How having a hobby helps your child's development

13 February 2023

Hobbies are a fantastic way for children to develop their interests along with essential skills. They’re a way for children to work on expressing themselves through art, performance or sports while also providing them a break from school.  


Hobbies can be anything from sport clubs to cooking. Whichever activity they enjoy there are a whole host of benefits more than them just having fun.

  • Social Skills 
  • Creativity  
  • Physical Health 
  • Stress Relief  
  • Break away from screens  


Build Social Skills 

Any activity that requires children to interact with one another help reinforce their social skills and develop new ones. It can be from building a LEGO model together to discussing which ingredients to use in a recipe. Each activity will rely on communication and listening to those surrounding them to come to decisions they agree on and also how to deal with disagreements which inevitable happen. These skills will continue to grow and remain with them into their adulthood and the workplace.  



Most activities embrace children's creativity. They are encouraged to create and play in the best way they see fit. There isn't a one size fits all approach which is a fantastic opportunity for them to allow their creativity flourish. Creativity is a tool that many people lose when they get older so it's a skill we should always be encouraging at any opportunity.  


Physical Health 

Now immediately we probably think of sport and exercise, and yes these are fantastic hobbies for our children's health. Getting them in the fresh air and enjoying the outdoors is a great benefit of them embracing their hobbies but what about the activities that are based more indoors? Activities such as Lego still have a physical impact, they allow children to work on their fine motor skills. Children can focus on their hand strength and coordination while they grasp and push bricks together as well as the eye coordination. 


Stress Relief  

Children are finding themselves younger and younger when pressure and stress behind to creep in. They have exams they must study for and expectations from a very young age. By allowing them to explore their hobbies we give the body and mind an opportunity to relax and experience a sense of relief they probably don't realise they need. By allowing them to unwind and enjoy themselves when they do face the pressures of their normal day to day again they should be in a better place to handle those pressures mentally.  


And of course, by embracing a hobby we can help reduce children's screen time! By providing the opportunity to focus on their hobby we can help massively reduce the time they spend in front of screens whether that's TV, phones or game consoles. These are just some of the fantastic benefits that offering the opportunity to enjoy their hobbies at a school holiday camp can have in 2023. We are SuperCamps offer specialist courses allowing children to embrace their hobbies to the fullest during the school breaks!