Take a look at Archery Tag®

07 May 2019

Most people have heard of archery; hitting a circular target with a bow and arrow Robin-Hood style. Many will remember games of "tag" from the school playground, as we ran around trying to catch our friends. To the writer's imagination, Archery Tag® initially sounded terrifying - bows and arrows don't usually go well with running! After a trip to camp to see the game live in action, we thought we'd explain about this incredibly exciting (and safe!) game to spread the word and put minds at ease. 


How does it all work? 


This fantastic game is only available at 22 locations outside of SuperCamps and with it being so unique, we are sure to make the most of our Archery Tag® equipment by practising before the game. Children gear up with safety helmets and hand guards, then load their bow with a foam arrow, take aim and fire at the target board. Once the kids are confident, the battle can begin!


Teams of children hurry to take cover behind giant inflatables and begin a race to get all members of the other team out without getting tagged themselves. 


How does Archery Tag® benefit children?


Developing the precision to fire accurately teaches children patience and control, whilst developing their motor coordination. Initially, aiming can be a challenge, but by the end of the session, many budding archers are ecstatic to have made some great shots. 


Strength and endurance are also key areas that Archery Tag® improves. As opposed to static archery, opponents in a game of Archery Tag® must run, crouch and sometimes jump to avoid being tagged. This, coupled with carrying equipment and firing arrows, makes the game a great example of cardiovascular exercise on camp.


Working together with team mates during the game is also great for developing confidence and friendships.


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Boy playing Archery Tag at SuperCamps