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10 Roald Dahl books for kids to get stuck into

13 September 2023

Roald Dahl, the beloved author, has captivated young readers for decades with his magical storytelling and whimsical characters. His imaginative tales continue to inspire and entertain children to this day. Roald Dahl Book Day is on September 13th – his birthday, let's delve into a list of ten must-read books that will ignite the imaginations of kids and transport them to magical worlds.


Matilda tells the story of a brilliant young girl with extraordinary powers and limitless imagination. Watch as she stands up against injustice and fights for what is right. This heartwarming tale teaches children that their intelligence and bravery can overcome any obstacle.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Join Charlie, a kind-hearted young boy, as he embarks on a tour of Willy Wonka's extraordinary chocolate factory. With its mouthwatering descriptions and delightful characters, this story will make readers dream of chocolate rivers, everlasting gobstoppers, and oompa-loompas.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting tale of Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant as they team up to protect the world from other not-so-friendly giants. Dahl's clever wordplay and whimsical characters make this a delightful read for all ages.

James and the Giant Peach

This is the thrilling account of James and his adventure inside a larger-than-life peach, befriending a group of talking insects along the way. Journey with James as he escapes his miserable life and discovers extraordinary friendships inside the magical peach.

The Witches

Delve into the spine-tingling world of witches in this captivating story. Accompany a young boy as he confronts the Grand High Witch and uncovers her ghastly plans. Dahl's imagination will leave readers spellbound and wondering where real magic resides.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Follow Mr. Fox and his friends as they cleverly outwit three foul farmers determined to get rid of pesky foxes once and for all. Dahl's vivid storytelling and remarkable animal characters will have children hooked from beginning to end.

The Twits

Prepare for a wild adventure as you step into the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Twit, two of the most vile characters created by Dahl. Join the mischievous monkeys, the Muggle-Wumps, in their plan to turn the tables on the Twits in this uproarious and occasionally revolting story.

George's Marvelous Medicine

George's experiments in his grandmother's kitchen produce an extraordinary potion that turns her into a variety of animals. This hilarious and energetic story will leave kids giggling and dreaming up their own marvelous concoctions.

Danny, the Champion of the World

Accompany Danny and his father on their daring night-time poaching expeditions as they challenge the nasty Mr. Victor Hazell. This inspiring tale of courage and the bond between a father and son will capture the hearts of readers.

The Magic Finger

Experience the story of a young girl with an unusual power in her finger that transforms the lives of those who cross her. Discover the magic of empathy as she uses her gift to teach important life lessons.

On Roald Dahl Book Day we celebrate the timeless stories and extraordinary characters that continue to dazzle children's imaginations. Whether you're diving into the world of Matilda or joining Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, each of Roald Dahl's books promises adventure, excitement, and valuable life lessons for young readers. So, grab a book, get cozy, and lose yourself in one of Dahl's magnificent creations. Happy Roald Dahl Book Day!