Unlocking Creativity at Our Lego Clubs During School Holidays

05 February 2024

Are you ready for an adventure where creativity takes centre stage and imagination knows no bounds? Look no further than our LEGO® Play Specialist Course, a 5-day extravaganza designed especially for mini LEGO® enthusiasts during the school holidays. This course is not just about bricks and blocks; it's a journey of discovery, combining play with learning, strategy with imagination.

Unlocking Creativity

Our LEGO® Play Specialist Course is a must-try for children aged 6-12, providing them with the perfect playground to unleash their creativity. Over five exciting days during the Easter and summer holidays, participants delve into a world where every brick becomes a tool for expression and every creation is a testament to their imaginative prowess.

A New Theme Every Day

Diversity is the key to our LEGO® Play Specialist Course. Each day brings a new theme, encouraging children to explore different facets of their creativity. Whether it's constructing a bustling cityscape, designing futuristic vehicles, or recreating their favourite characters, every theme sparks a new wave of inspiration.

Imagination Meets Strategy

At the heart of our course is the perfect blend of imagination and strategy. Children aren't just playing with LEGO® bricks; they're engineering bold and innovative builds inspired by the world around them. This approach not only nurtures their creativity but also hones their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Take-Home Treasures

Every child attending our LEGO® Play Specialist Course gets more than just an incredible experience. They leave with a keepsake LEGO® Journal containing blueprints to all their designs and images of their final builds. Plus, they get to sport their creativity proudly with their very own LEGO® hat and t-shirt set.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Building with LEGO® isn't just fun; it's also an excellent way to develop fine motor skills. Our course ensures that every creation contributes to the enhancement of these essential skills, laying a foundation for precision and dexterity in young builders.

A Creative Community

Our LEGO® Play Specialist Course fosters a sense of community among participants. Through shared creativity and a common love for LEGO®, children forge new friendships and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from collaborating on imaginative projects.

Our LEGO® Play Specialist Course is more than just a school holiday activity; it's a transformative experience where creativity takes flight, and children embark on a journey of self-expression and discovery. With a scrapbook of creations, a LEGO® Journal, and the pride of donning their own LEGO® hat and t-shirt set, every participant leaves not just with memories but tangible proof of their imaginative endeavours. Join us this Easter or summer and watch your child's creativity reach new heights in the vibrant world of LEGO® play.