Help Your Child Get Creative at Home

09 November 2020

Wintery afternoons are a great opportunity to get creative and spend time as a family and often the triumphs come from keeping it simple! Collect colourful food wrappers or waste paper throughout the week and grab those toilet roll tubes and egg boxes out of the recycling bin… even the most simplest of everyday items can make a masterpiece. 

Let your child use their ingenuity and lead the fun, by giving fewer instructions it gives them the opportunity to use their imagination and be inventive. Experimentation and exploration is the best way to have fun whilst learning new skills. A simple drawing, painting blobs of colour on the back of cereal box, or sticking together some old boxes to make a sculpture are all ways to stretch children’s imagination, overcome challenges and express their reflections and feelings.

At this particularly tricky time, children have got a whole host of new emotions going on in their heads, which can be difficult for younger minds to process. Having the opportunity to let go and get creative is a really fun way for them to express these thoughts and gives you the insight to be able to address and comfort their concerns. Sitting down together for just half an hour, amongst the day to day hustle and bustle of being a parent, is hugely beneficial for your children’s wellbeing as well as your own!

There’s no need to be precious about the outcome, it’s all about the journey.