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Go Green on Camp!

03 October 2019


Practicing sustainability alongside a busy family life can often feel overwhelming; an afterthought often made impossible by the tide of plastics that our children’s food, toys, toiletries and clothes come pre-made and shrink-wrapped in.

But going green needn’t demand grand gestures or a lifestyle overhaul. Instead, introducing small changes to you and your child’s daily routine can help collectively reduce the impact we have on our planet. A great place to start is to look at ways you can turn everyday activities such as driving to school or preparing packed lunches into clever and efficient ways to curb waste.

To help and encourage families to adopt a more plastic-free lifestyle, we’ve considered three easy ways you and your little ones can practice planet-happy habits on camp this coming season!



     1. Bring a reusable water bottleWater Bottle

This one's easy! According to the BBC, if half the UK switched to reusable water bottles, we’d save enough plastic to stretch to the moon and back in just one year. Save water, pennies and plastic by investing in a reusable water bottle for you and your child.

 2. Cycle or walk to camp

If you live locally to one of our venues, why not cycle or walk to camp? Not only does ditching the car reduce carbon emissions, it’s also a great way to keep kids both physically and mentally healthy. OR if you live a little further out…why not invite a friend to car-share to camp with you?

3. Use recyclable materials for packed lunches 

From crisp packet wrappers to cling-filmed coated sandwiches, the humble lunchbox is often rife with wasteful, plastic-heavy food items. Recyclable materials such as tin-foil or reusable sandwich wraps can be used to protect sandwiches instead, whilst multi-pack snacks can easily be swapped out for loose, package-free items such as fruit or nuts.