Where to begin with Bushcraft

26 June 2019

With summer coming up, many families are looking forward to getting away from a hectic city life and spending some peaceful time camping. Stoves and other equipment are readily available, but bushcraft can be a great way to get in touch with nature and create an authentic experience.

Take a look below at some essential areas of bushcraft covered in our Specialist Course:

Shelter Building

Even with a tent for sleeping, a shelter can still be important for keeping food and equipment away from the elements. As such, learning to build a shelter is a definite foundation stone for bushcraft, which we include in our Bushcraft courses.


Fire Lighting & Wilderness Cooking

For warmth, food or safety, a fire can be lifesaving in the wilderness. Learning to start one from scratch is a handy skill to practice that can be useful in many situations. Children on our Bushcraft courses learn to light a fire and cook meals in the wild.


Wilderness First Aid

A wilderness environment can make treating injuries and ailments challenging, as campers or explorers need to respond with minimal supplies. On our Bushcraft course, we teach children basic wilderness first aid to ensure that they are well-prepared for wilderness excursions.


Children on our course can win stamps for gaining skills in each of these areas! 

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Shelter building at SuperCamps Bushcraft specialist school holiday course