10 Outdoor Holiday Activities for Kids to Enjoy During The Easter Break

02 April 2024


The Easter break is a wonderful time for kids to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, soak up the spring sunshine, and engage in fun-filled activities that celebrate the season of renewal. If you're looking for ways to keep your children entertained and active during the Easter break, look no further!

1. Easter Egg Hunt: Organize a classic Easter egg hunt in your backyard or local park. Hide colourful eggs filled with treats and surprises, and watch as your children delight in the thrill of the hunt. You can even add a twist by incorporating themed clues or challenges to keep the excitement going.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Take a nature walk with your kids and challenge them to find items from a scavenger hunt list, such as pinecones, flowers, bird feathers, and interesting rocks. Encourage them to use their observation skills and explore the wonders of the natural world around them.

3. Picnic in the Park: Pack a delicious picnic lunch and head to your favourite park for a day of outdoor dining and relaxation. Spread out a blanket, enjoy tasty sandwiches and snacks, and bask in the sunshine as you bond with your family amidst the beauty of nature.

4. Outdoor Art and Crafts: Set up an outdoor art station in your backyard and let your children unleash their creativity. Provide them with paper, paints, markers, and other art supplies, and encourage them to create masterpieces inspired by the beauty of spring.

5. Gardening: Get your hands dirty and teach your children the joys of gardening. Plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables together in your backyard or community garden plot. Let your kids take ownership of their own little garden patches and watch as they learn about the wonders of nature and the satisfaction of growing their own plants.

6. Bike Ride: Explore your neighbourhood or local bike trails with a family bike ride. Strap on your helmets, hop on your bikes, and pedal your way through scenic routes, parks, or countryside paths. It's a fantastic way to get some exercise, enjoy fresh air, and discover new sights together.

7. Outdoor Sports: Organize a friendly game of football, rounders, or frisbee at a nearby sports field or open space. Invite friends and neighbours to join in the fun, and let your kids burn off energy while engaging in healthy competition and teamwork.

8. Nature Photography: Encourage your children to become amateur photographers and capture the beauty of the outdoors through their lens. Provide them with disposable cameras or let them use your smartphone to snap photos of flowers, wildlife, landscapes, and other natural wonders.

9. Pond Dipping: Head to a local pond or stream and try your hand at pond dipping. Equip your kids with nets and containers, and encourage them to explore the aquatic life lurking beneath the surface. It's a fascinating way to learn about pond ecosystems and discover creatures like tadpoles, frogs, and water bugs up close.

10. Stargazing: End the day with a magical stargazing session under the night sky. Lay out blankets in your backyard or find a nearby stargazing spot away from city lights. Use a stargazing app to identify constellations, planets, and celestial phenomena, and marvel at the wonders of the universe together as a family.

With these 10 outdoor holiday activities, your children are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable Easter break filled with adventure, exploration, and fun in the great outdoors. So grab your sunscreen (or rain coat!), pack a picnic, and get ready to create cherished memories with your family this holiday season!