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Inflatables at SuperCamps

A brand-new highlight on our Multi-Activity camps in summer; lots of inflatables for hours of bounce and laughter. From disco castles to blow-up bowling alleys, kids love this exciting week. The inflatables tour the country, so lots of camps see a week of inflatable activities*.

*Subject to availability.


SuperHero Castle
Save the world! Or have lots of bouncy fun instead…
Bouncy Madagascar Castle
Bounce around this tropical castle with Alex the lion and his friends.
Inflatable Giant Slide With Ladders
Who knew sliding and climbing was so much fun?!
Trolls Bouncy Castle
This hair-raising bouncy castle will have you looking as wild as the Trolls.
Camelot Bouncy Castle Obstacle Course
Take on the challenge of the castle, complete with dragons and turrets.
Giant Inflatable Footpool
Take it in turns and pot coloured balls before your opponent wins.
Super Simpsons Castle
Enjoy some bouncy Simpsons fun with your friends.
Little Mermaid Obstacle Course
With mermaids, lobsters and colourful fish, even assault courses are better under the sea.
Pirate Cove Bouncy Slide
Young pirates take on this slippery slide in their quest for treasure.
Disco Castle
Complete with speakers and lights, this castle is the ultimate bouncy experience.
Bouncy Helter Skelter
Climb to the top, then whizz down the colourful slide.
Toy Story Bouncy Castle
Bounce around with Woody, Buzz and the whole gang.
Dual Basketball Game
Bring your best aim and speed to score hoops on this inflatable.
Pirate Inflatable Obstacle Course
All aboard for pirate training. This assault course will shiver timbers!
Inflatable Basketball
Bring your best aim and speed to score hoops on this inflatable.
Inflatable Human Hungry Hippos
Sprint to the centre to grab a ball before the bungee rope bounces back.
Giant Inflatable Darts
A test of precision and nerve, can you score a bullseye?
Graffiti Air Juggler
Quick! Move your ball from one net to the other before your opponent.
Human Table Football
Table football is already so much fun, so making it giant with extra bounce is sure to be a blast.
Kangaroo Boxing
Rumble your opponent off the mats, but try not to tumble…
Super Sumo Suits
Wrestle your opponent to win, but try not to tumble…
Bouncy Ten Pin Bowling
Try to bowl the skittles over and score your team a strike.
Graffiti Bungee Run
Who can run the farthest before the bungee rope pulls them back?
Giant Inflatable Wakka Mole
Collect as many balls as you can, but be careful of the protector…