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Information for Parents

This page covers all the information parents need to know before booking with Super Camps and sending your child to camp. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email us or call 01235 467300.



Our standard hours for all camps and courses are 9am to 5pm and all standard prices are based on these hours. We also offer extended care between 8am to 9am and from 5pm to 6pm.

Extended care times may vary at a couple of venues.

You will need to purchase extended care at time of booking and will have the option to select care at either or both ends of the day.

The cost for extended care is £5.00 for each end of the day (8am to 9pm or 5pm to 6pm). Additional charges will be enforced if you do not collect by 6pm (see terms and conditions for further details).



Wear and bring…


  • Comfortable clothing for an active day; including practical shoes (i.e. trainers) and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • An apron or shirt for creative activities
  • Swimming costume and Towel*
  • For sunny weather:
    • a sun hat and suitable clothes for warm weather
    • sun cream – please ensure this is applied in the morning before arrival on camp – we will then advise/assist your child in reapplying during the day (unless you advise us otherwise)
    • For cooler weather: warm comfortable clothes including a jacket/coat and jumper
  • Wednesday is Super Soak day, where children will participate in water-based activities (weather permitting) for an optional £1 donation to our current charity partner KidsOut. This is the fun and happiness charity helping to give amazing and positive experiences to disadvantaged children to help support them becoming future member of our society and workforce. If you would like to donate to this fabulous cause, please drop £1 in the charity box at registration or there will be a text number so you can also donate in this growing cash-less world!


*Swimming takes place where venue facilities allow.


Food and Drink


  • A healthy and balanced packed lunch
  • Additional snacks for break times/extended hours
  • Refillable drinks bottle (all children will be advised to keep this filled throughout the day)
  • Please provide ice packs during hot weather as we are unable to provide refrigeration facilities
  • Super Camps does not have a ban on nuts or any everyday food or drinks. However, the company may ask parents not to include nuts (or other foods) in packed lunches if there are children on camp with allergies.


Do not bring…


  • Money
  • Mobile phones or any other electronic equipment
    All non-approved electrical devices are prohibited on camp. If found children will be asked to place the device in the Camp Manager box which will be locked and secured at all times. Parents/Guardians are required to contact the Camp Manager if they wish to speak with their child during camp.
  • Other valuables

Super Camps cannot be held responsible nor can they compensate if items get damaged or go missing.

From the minute our doors open until the very last child is picked up, every day at Super Camps is packed full to the brim with action, adventure and fun. From the energetic to the creative, from the classics to the unusual, your child can expect to take part in around six engaging activities each day. Our philosophy when it comes to activities is to ensure every session is bursting with energy and fun. We also want children to try things they wouldn’t normally get to do, learn some new skills in the process and go home tired and happy after each day. You will also be able to see what your child is doing by viewing the timetable at the registration area when you sign your child in on camp.

Can children chose their activities?
The under-6s follow a timetable put together by us, based on our experience and knowledge of what works best for this age group and the feedback we’ve received on which activities they love the most.

For children aged 6 and over, there are many new activities in the Go Discover, Go Play and Go Create afternoon schedule. From 1.30pm, children will be able to choose from a shortlist of activities they’d prefer to do.

With a different timetable every day, camp remains fresh, whether your children are new or returning to us for a day, week or the whole season.

Extra activities... at no extra cost!
Our much loved motor quads (ages 7+), swimming (4+) and archery (ages 8+) are also available at appropriate camps at no extra charge. We do not guarantee your child will be doing these activities every day – please check out the timetable at the registration area on camp.

Free-choice activities run during the extended hours.

Super Camps ask parents to be prompt in bringing their child to camp and collecting them at the end of the day. Parents are also asked to inform Head Office/ Camp Manager when a child is not attending the camp due to illness and other circumstances. The Camp Manager will contact parents to find out why the child has not been at the camp when booked in for that day.

  • Parents are asked to tell Head Office/Camp Manager if their child is going to be absent and ask them to provide a reason i.e. they are sick.
  • We ask parents to contact at the beginning of the day.
  • Parents can ring or text the camp manager or call head office to inform us if their child is not attending.
  • If a child doesn’t attend the camp for their sessions, the camp manager or head office would be responsible for contacting the parent to find out the reason why.
  • We would speak to the parent personally.
  • If there is no reply and the child does not come to the camp, we would refer to our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy as the welfare of the child is a priority.

Please see full Terms and Conditions for details on changing and cancelling bookings.

We accept all Childcare vouchers. Please see our Childcare Vouchers page for more information.

The cost for extended care is £5.00 for each end of the day (8am to 9pm or 5pm to 6pm). Additional charges will be required if you do not collect by 6pm (see terms and conditions for further details).

At the start of each week, children are assigned to their Colour Point Team. Points are awarded by instructors throughout the week for team spirit, positive contribution, good sportsmanship, helpfulness and many other factors.

To end the week with a bang, all the crews come together on Fridays to join their Colour Point Teams for the last two sessions of the day. Together they complete a set of fun and friendly team games and challenges to kick-start the weekend. The Early Years children do their very own Friday Fun Challenge suited to their age.

The Super Camps ethos ensures that children will make new friends on camp. As we group children together by age, children of the same age are likely to be in the same group. Please speak to our Customer Service team if you have any questions. Although there is no guarantee that friends - or siblings - can always be placed together, especially if they differ greatly in age. Please note 4 and 5 year olds cannot be moved up an age group due to being on the Ofsted Early Years Register. See below for groupings information.

For Multi-Activity, we divide the whole camp into crews containing similar-aged children each week. This ensures we can run great activities and team games with children of similar ages and interests and they can make loads of new friends.

How many children are in each crew?

On Multi-Activity, we aim for ratios of 1:8 for children of 3, 1:12 for ages 4–5, 1:16 for ages 6-7 and 1:20 for ages 8 and over.

The ages in each crew will depend on the age distribution across the whole camp which can change from venue to venue and from week to week. Sometimes we might have a dedicated crew for each age and sometimes we will group different ages together, it does depend on how many children we have on camp on each day. Please note that we put the children in groups based on dates of birth, not school years.

For RAW Outdoor Adventure and A Passion For Cookery courses we aim for maximum ratios of 1:12 across all age brackets.

A Passion For LEGO® we aim for ratios of 1:16 across all age brackets.

Unfortunately, illness is one of those things you cannot predict. Super Camps understands this and offers an Illness Protection Scheme for just £2.00 extra per child per day. If you purchase the scheme you will be entitled to a credit on your account if your child is unable to attend camp due to illness or injury.

  • Illness Protection Scheme must be added to an order no later than 28 days before the start of camp.
  • Any claim made under the Illness Protection Scheme must be made within 4 weeks of the first date of illness on completion of our Illness Protection Scheme form.
  • Ideally claims should be supported by a doctor’s note in order to obtain a credit. If this is not possible then Super Camps accept self-certification for illnesses where the claim is for 3 days or less.
  • If parents opt not to take the Illness Protection Scheme there is no credit or refund available in case of illness/injury.

Want to make a claim? Follow this link and fill in the IPS Claim Form -


Where possible we try to leave a few spaces for any childcare emergencies you may have. Check availability and book online as normal.

Please print off and take your booking confirmation with you when dropping off your child to ensure a speedier sign-in.

Children need to bring a packed lunch with extra snacks for break times and a refillable drinks bottle. Children have an hour for lunch: the first 30 minutes is spent eating with friends and instructors, and then there’s another 30 minutes to run around, play games, or chill out. We also have two 20-minute breaks – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – during which the children can enjoy their snacks. Lunch and breaks are fully supervised and children are encouraged to eat all of their lunch.

All Super Camps venues are Ofsted registered and therefore comply with all welfare and learning and development requirements. Not only can you rest assured that the staff caring for your children are fully vetted, but also our high standards are delivered at each venue for your peace of mind. Our policies and procedures are regularly updated to ensure we meet all necessary requirements and the welfare of the children in our care always takes priority.


Our Multi-Activity Camps are on the Early Years Register for the 4 and 5 year olds and the Voluntary Register for our aged 5+ children. A Passion For… and RAW Adventure Camps are on the Voluntary Register. 

Each of our venues has a separate registration and a unique registration number. This number will be required if you need to set up childcare vouchers with us, give feedback or view previous inspection reports.

We accept payment via the following methods:

  • Debit/Credit Card

There is no charge for a debit/credit card. Please note we do not accept American Express.

  • Childcare Vouchers

We accept all types of childcare vouchers.


  • Credit

If you have accumulated credit from a past booking you will be required to call our Customer Service Team to book and use this form of payment.

  • Free day

Vouchers can be redeemed online or by phone. You will need the 4 digit reference and they will need to be redeemed by the date stated on the individual voucher.

Super Camps has thorough Policies and Procedures required for the efficient and safe management of our camps, aimed to promote the welfare, care and learning of the children who attend. All Policies & Procedures reflect the statutory guidance in “keeping children safe in education” published in July 2015 (Last updated: September 2018) by Department for Education. If you would like to read the full Policies and Procedures manual, please copy and paste this URL: .