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Add Cypher’s half-day Creativity & Coding Workshops to your Multi-Activity booking, where children learn coding through creative themes, linking technology to real life and getting them future ready.


23rd July - (Theme: Around the World in Five Days)

In this session, children make flags of the world. Workshop participants learn about drawing shapes and patterns using code. Students discover how to place graphical objects on the screen using a coordinate system and how they can use the RGB colour model to achieve the correct flag colours.

Programs: Scratch and Processing


30th July - (Theme: Green Week)

This session explores the beauty of our planet. Participants discover patterns and fractals in nature, from animals, plants and natural phenomena, such as lightning. In this coding project, students will learn about recursive structures and create a spiral pattern and shell design.

Programs: Scratch and Processing


13th August - (Theme: Beach Parties)

Make a beach party animation using code! Students explore how they can move different characters in their animations. Advanced students learn about creating a system to build ocean waves using code. The final project will have multiple elements, from strange and wacky characters to an algorithmically-controlled sea.

Programs: Scratch and Processing


Ages: 5-12

Location: Northwood College for Girls

Price: £25


Coding at SuperCamps Multi-Activity camps

All courses are taught by enthusiastic young teachers and Computer Science graduates. 

Cypher inspires children to learn the language of the future through creatively themed coding camps.

Coding Camp at Northwood College for Girls
Programming robots at SuperCamps
Computer Science for children

Specialist Courses

Chelsea FC Foundation Camps

Ages 6 - 12

Our 5-day football camps invite children to take their best shot at football-focused seminars, workshops, on-pitch training and match play.

LEGO® Play

Ages 6 - 12

This 5-day course is a must for LEGO® enthusiasts; combining imagination and a love of bricks to create many different builds.

Paul Delgado Tennis Camps

Ages 6 - 12

Our 5-day tennis course in association with Paul Delgado Tennis Camps will allow children to develop their skills through high-level coaching.


Ages 8 - 14

This 5-day course allows young adventurers to tackle various team challenges, whilst creating their own tribe areas and shelters.


Ages 8 - 14

Budding chefs cook their way around the world on this 5-day course. Children can put their culinary skills to the test, through exploring a number of traditional recipes.

Mad Science®

Ages 6 - 12

Kids explore Anatomy & Health, uncover energy with Environmental Science and solve mysteries in the Mad Science® Detective Agency on our 3-day Specialist Course.