Digital Detox: Online Childhood

14 June 2019

Hoverboards, drones and other mind-blowing inventions have come to life. Even childhood is plugged in nowadays, as kids explore, play and learn in the online world at the touch of a screen - no need for a button! 

Digital Learning 

Even twenty years ago, most classes only involved a pencil and paper but nowadays, interactive boards and tablets have taken over. With tablets in particular, pupils can be more involved in lessons, as they enjoy games or activities.  

Nevertheless, accessing information through tech can't always replace learning knowledge -- searching on Google doesn't mean the answer stays in our head. Although tech has transformed the classroom, practical learning remains a key part of education. In addition to muscular development, manual activities like writing or art help to refine children's motor control.  

Smart Homes 

Like schools, most households today have embraced digital devices, as they help with busy schedules and curious minds. Parents can use technology to speed up cleaning, cooking and even tidying. In moderation, devices like game consoles can also keep kids entertained and busy. 

Although digital devices do help in so many ways, activities or day trips are invaluable for the whole family. Shared experiences strengthen bonds, while individual family members enjoy an engaging day. We believe that this balance between tech and traditional activities is key to a modern but healthy lifestyle.