Kids Lego build ideas for rainy days

28 July 2023

Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep your kids entertained on rainy days? There are plenty of creative ways to keep the fun going and spark their imagination. In this blog, we will explore some awesome Lego build ideas for kids that will keep them engaged for hours on end.

Create a Lego City: Encourage your kids to design and build their very own Lego city. They can start by constructing different buildings, such as houses, police stations, fire stations, and hospitals. They can also add roads and cars, trees and parks. This idea allows them to create their own world and develop storytelling skills.

Build a Mini Golf Course: Transform your living room or backyard into a Lego mini golf course! Have your kids build obstacles like ramps, bridges, and tunnels using their Lego pieces. Then, use small balls to play a fun game of mini golf. It's a great activity to develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Design a Lego Maze: Challenge your kids to build a Lego maze with multiple paths and twists. This can be done by using baseplates and various bricks to create walls and passages. You can even time them to make it a race against the clock. It will get their creative juices flowing and hone their strategic thinking abilities.

Construct a Lego Zoo: Let your kids unleash their creativity and build their very own Lego zoo! They can design enclosures for different animals like lions, giraffes, and elephants. Encourage them to add details like fences, trees, and even a ticket booth. It's a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about various animal habitats and conservation.

Build a Lego Marble Run: Combine Legos and marbles to create an exciting marble run! Your kids can construct ramps, tunnels, and obstacles using their Lego bricks. Then, watch the marbles roll down the course, providing endless entertainment. This activity promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they experiment with different designs.

Make a Lego Stop Motion Movie: Help your kids create their own stop-motion movie using Lego characters and props. They can build sets, write scripts, and use a smartphone or tablet to capture each movement frame-by-frame. This activity enhances storytelling abilities, patience, and technological skills.

Construct a Lego Bridge: Challenge your kids' engineering skills by asking them to build a sturdy Lego bridge. Provide them with materials like baseplates, bricks, and beams. They can experiment with different designs and techniques to create a bridge that can withstand weight. This project fosters logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Remember, the possibilities with Lego are infinite. Encourage your kids to think outside the box and come up with their own unique builds. With these Lego build ideas, your children will stay engaged, stimulated, and entertained for hours on end, while also developing important skills. Let their imagination soar and watch their love for Lego grow!