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Ages 10 - 12

Girls on playground

Children in this group are starting to critique why things are done in a certain way, so we allow these children to explore and problem solve. They will be given freedom to converse with others and develop games using critical thinking and problem solve any issues that may arise. 

As they being to “perceive self” and understand their athletic ability, we place them in a range of games and activities that will challenge the more able, whilst, also maintaining a positive outlook on sport for those who perceive themselves to be less able. Thus, encouraging those to stay active and not hide from the fear of failure that often happens within a sporting habitat. 

As a result of children entering their next educational step at this age, they further develop their social skills, therefore we aim to harness this by doing a range of team challenges and problem solving games. 

A high level of sporting drop outs occur at this age, due to noticeable physical and social changes. Our sessions are designed to be fun and increase participation, once again encouraging a positive engagement for the child. 

As their body changes, we teach children the importance of healthy eating and the difference a healthy lifestyle can have.

Some of our camps also benefit from Archery, Motor Quads, Go-Karts and swimming (please check your local camp page for details).

Please note, some of our activities are age dependant.

Girls cooking
Boys outdoor adventure
Children playing dodgeball