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When Should I Apply?

Our application for February, Easter, May and Summer 2015 will be open from Mid-December.

October Half Term and Christmas applications will be accepted from September onwards. Recruitment for all seasons are on-going right up until camp opening as we often have last minute staffing requirements.

We have recommended application deadlines in place for our busiest seasons to ensure candidates have the best possible chance securing a role. We will still accept and encourage applications after the recommended deadlines however please understand that positions will be limited and we cannot always guarantee a response.


Apply by 4th March 2015 to guarantee you receive a response by 7th March if you are successful. We absolutely still welcome applications after this date, however we cannot always guarantee a response.

May Half Term:

Accepting applications from December - We will endeavour to respond to all applications for this season however cannot guarantee this.


We recommend you apply before the 5th of May for our summer season. If you've applied by this date you can expect a response by the 6th of June. You are still able to apply after this date as we do continue to have positions available, however we cannot guarantee a response if you are unsuccessful.

October Half Term and Christmas:

Applications accepted from September – We will endeavour to respond to all applications for these seasons however cannot guarantee this.


What role should I apply for?

Our large variety of products mean we have lots of job roles for you to choose from. Your interests and experiences should influence your choice.

Visit JOB ROLES to see our full list of positions categorised by product. Relevant experience and qualifications (including any qualifications you are studying towards) in combination with enthusiasm are key requirements so make sure you choose a role suited to you.


Can I apply for more than one job?

Yes! Many of our roles require similar skills and the requirements cross over. Our HR team will recognise when an applicant may also be suited to another role so if you apply for one role you may be considered for others.


Can I apply for more than one location?

Yes! In fact the more venues you are able to work at the better! If you like variety you may wish to apply for our Roaming Activity Instructor role which would give you the opportunity to work at up to 10 different venues.


I can’t work for a whole season - should I still apply?

Yes! Super Camps Multi-Activity are able to offer part season contracts (including part time weeks) due to the variation in booking levels from week to week. A minimum availability of 2 weeks is required for part-season contracts during the summer and a minimum of 2 days per week is required for part time work. Be sure to state your availability in the application form and update us should this change.


I currently live overseas - can I still apply?

Super Camps accept applications from overseas candidates however it should be noted that as we run day camps, not residential camps, staff are required to provide their own accommodation.

Non-UK residents must ensure they have the right work permit/visa to allow them to work in the country and be registered at a UK address in order to pass the required background checks.

You will also need to provide a copy of a police check obtained from your previous country of residence in addition to obtaining a DBS check in the UK.

Applicants from overseas must also be available for a telephone interview and then to attend a Central Training & Assessment day in the UK.


Will I be required to undertake any background checks?


As a leading childcare provider Super Camps has a duty of care to ensure we are making safe recruitment choices when appointing the best staff for our camps! This starts by ensuring that all of our staff have been subject to the background checks required by law to work with children in the UK. This means that all of our staff need to ensure they have suitable DBS Status before they begin an action packed season with Super Camps!

DBS checks used to be called CRB checks. Last year the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) merged to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). For more information regarding DBS checks please click HERE

If you do have a criminal record for any type of crime, you will need to declare this on your application form. All applicants are also required to provide the details of 2 referees.


I have a criminal record - can I still apply?

You can still apply but you must declare the offence or caution on your application form. Super Camps will not discriminate against candidates with a conviction. Super Camps will consider whether a candidate with an offence is suitable to work with children by considering the following:

  • Nature of the offence and relevance when working with children
  • How long ago the conviction was made
  • Whether the candidates declared their offence in the application form
  • Outcome of 2 reference requests from previous jobs working with children

Please note that Super Camps is exempt from the ‘Rehabilitation of Offenders Act’.


Will Super Camps provide accommodation?

As Super Camps run day camps (not residential) all staff are expected to have their own accommodation and be able to travel daily to their Super Camps venue.


Do I get paid for training?

All staff are expected to attend central training which is non-paid. Staff will receive a bonus for attending their Camp Induction Day upon completing their contracted dates of employment. For more information on training please click HERE




On Camp


What hours would I work?

Shifts vary as follows depending on the product:

Cross Product:

  • Camp Manager 8am - 6pm
  • Regional Manager 8am - 6pm

Multi Activity:

  • All staff: 8am - 6pm

RAW Adventure:

  • All staff: Mondays: 7.30am - 5.30pm, Tuesdays - Fridays 8am - 6pm 

A Passion For...

  • All staff: Mondays: 7.30am - 5.30pm, Tuesdays - Fridays 8am - 6pm 


All staff are entitled to a half hour unpaid lunch break, time of which will be assigned by your Camp Manager


What is my role during AM & PM Club?

AM Club takes place between 8am to 9.25am and PM Club is 4.30pm to 6pm. During this time the Camp Manager will allocate a job for you, this could include:

  • Running activity sessions
  • Cleaning
  • Tidying kit & Inventory
  • Planning sessions
  • Signing in/out children


Do I get any breaks?

Breaks for staff will take place during lunch and all staff will be entitled to a 30 minute break between 12.30pm and 1.30pm. The Camp Manager will put together a rota to ensure sufficient child ratios. The Camp Manager will take a break outside of this time although will be required to be on standby in case of an emergency. All staff are required to stay on camp during breaks unless otherwise arranged with the Camp Manager. Morning and afternoon breaks are for the children and all staff are required to actively supervise during this time.


What do I wear?

Super Camps provide all staff with 2 t-shirts and a jumper. Staff will be required to provide their own navy or black sports bottoms (jogging bottoms or shorts), trainers, a watch and a whistle. Please note, mobile phones are banned on camp for safeguarding reasons, therefore it is essential that another time-telling device is available.


When will I be paid and how much will it be?

It is your responsibility to ensure you have returned your bank details form and relevant tax form to Head Office. Without these details you pay will be delayed or you may be incorrectly taxed (up to 50% tax!).

As of 2016, Super Camps pays staff on a weekly basis. Your pay will be transferred into your bank account on the Friday of the following week. (i.e. if you work the first week of Summer, you will be paid on the Friday of the second week of Summer). 

Your pay will vary depending on the position you have been appointed to. Visit JOB ROLES for details of responsibilities and pay scales.


What are the chances of me being offered work if I am a reserve?

Over the past couple of years 99% of our reserve staff that attended Central Training & Assessment Day were offered work. Super Camps will always prioritise reserves who are trained over those who are not! The more flexible you are (with dates, venues, and late availability) the greater the chances of being offered work.


What happens if I’m sick and can’t attend work?

If you are sick and unable to attend camp, you must notify the HR team as soon as possible via the duty mobile number provided. If your call is now answered please ensure you send a text and we will call you back if necessary. We also ask that you update the HR team as soon as you can with the expected length of your absence. 

Safeguarding Statement - Placing children and their safety at the forefront of everything we do

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