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February 29 2016
British Endurance Racing Champion Tom Kimber-Smith writes exclusively for Super Camps


British Endurance Racing Champion Tom Kimber-Smith writes exclusively for Super Camps, sharing the childhood dreams that drove him to the top.




Do you remember the question people use to ask you as a kid? “What do you want to be when you’re older?” Well, mine was “racing car driver”.

For my 6th Birthday my Mum and Dad bought me a used Kart. The fact that it was rusty and oily didn't matter to me. This was the best day ever. And that's where my racing career started.

Since that day I spent many weekends away racing. Always on my own. My mum would drop me off with the race team on a Friday night and would pick me back up on the Sunday night so I would be ready to go back to school on Monday.

I had a dream back then that one day I wanted to race in Formula 1. Every day I would wake up with that same dream, believing that it would happen one day. As my early karting career passed I stepped up into racing cars.

The door that opened was Mercedes. I was lucky enough to be signed to drive in the Junior team alongside the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. This was the make or break year. And unfortunately it broke me.

At the end of a hard challenging season I soon realized that it was no longer possible for me to become a Formula 1 driver. At the age of 19 I was told it was never going to happen – a tough message to take.

I had spent the previous years dreaming of only one thing. Now it was snatched away.

So what did I do? I looked very hard at myself. I knew that I had talent or I would have not reached the level that I did, so I looked towards other racing arenas, and found endurance racing.

Now I have been a professional race car driver for 11 incredible years in the world of endurance racing. I have never regretted anything in my life. Even today when I watch the Formula 1 races on TV and see the guys I used to race against, I feel no regret. My dream just had a different ending.

I think it's important that every child has dreams. For some of us these dreams come true. For most people they just happen differently. Never give up and never turn away from what your dream has been. Work hard and be happy in life. One day things will happen for everyone.

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