Outdoor Activity Camps

Our sister company, Camp Wilderness and the inspirational explorer and adventurer, Ed Stafford are in collaboration to provide children with day-long and residential camps designed to get "back to nature". Drawing on his own incredible experiences and expertise, Ed's will bring new initiatives and challenges to Camp Wilderness that we know campers are going to love! Whilst we can't quite replicate Ed's experiences of being marooned on a desert island or walking the length of the Amazon, we will definitely be using his impressive survival skills to inspire everyone who camps with them.


Exploring some of Ed’s ideas behind the psychology of survival, Camp Wilderness provides the perfect environment to test out new skills and discover solutions without relying on technology. An antidote to today’s world, we’ll be opening children’s minds to the benefits of being outdoors and helping them to find new ways of looking at the world. 

If you want your children to unplug and rewild, Camp Wilderness is the perfect place to send them for an exciting back-to-nature holiday camp experience.

Check out their sample timetable here.

Details and Prices

Duration: Day-long Course / Residential Course

Ages: 8-14


*the above link will take you to our sister company's website, Camp Wilderness